Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

† XXVI. gяєαт ѕтяαтєgу †

  The fortress of Lucifer was being closely guarded by soldiers demons . Every square inch was being heavily guarded by the ablest generals of the Emperor of Hell to prevent Enma was taken from there. The demons were not only on land but also were flying around as if they were hawks ready to seize its prey .
  Castiel and Ethan were at a disadvantage . Since the other agents of the Order returned to heaven , the two archangels could not fight one faction alone . They needed a plan , but what ? Knew nothing of the whereabouts of Luke and also did not know where Enma could be . And if it was an ambush for them ? Wanted to retreat , but doubt dominated their minds . Hid amid some ruins of what appeared to be a temple and watched intently every movement of soldiers , waiting for a small security hole that they could use to their advantage .

  Watched for hours followed the movement of the guards and soon began to have a better perception of their surveillance system . Still, nothing they knew was enough ; training was perfect and synchronized , each soldier prepared to strike at any time . In fact , everything was lost without the power of Luke , that would be the only person able to penetrate enemy lines and enter the castle without hiding . However , the general was not there and they would have to work it out alone .
- They need strengthening ?
  The archangels were startled to hear the voice of Jade behind them. Ethan turned to face the girl and shook her head no .
- We need more than just you , Jade .
- No, we do not need .
  They looked at Castiel and realized that a plane was about to emerge . Of course they could trust the plans mate , since his function in Heaven is to make plans and all kinds of strategy and tactical operations and operational . However , there was a point against that situation : they were three to over thirty demons once and now had double the previous strength .
- What have you got in mind ?
- I know a way for us to get in without being seen and without having to fight, but it will involve a brief negotiation with some guards Lucifer.
- Castiel , are you crazy ? They will never do business with us !
  The archangel smiled and turned to face Ethan .
- My friend ... I did not say we would have to negotiate the truth, but to trick them so they tell us what they know and allow our passage as far as Enma and Luke may be .
  Jade and Ethan looked at each other and then Castiel stared with astonished expression , as the Archangel had lost his mind and common sense . Noticing the stares of fellow , he continued :
- Jade , you can change appearance, right?
  She nodded .
- So could turn into Victoria to have a little talk with them ?
- Sure - Jade became the perfect image of Victoria - Where do we start ?
  Castiel detailed walkthrough for both partners , which put in place and waited for the right moment to act .

- Hey , you two ! Come up here!
  The two soldiers who were before the passage to the catacombs quivered at the voice of Victoria and even more so when they saw the imposing figure of the new commanding and authoritative . Since Luke lost power command for becoming a traitor and was dipensado post , Lucifer gave power to Victoria , who left the promotion demonic it go to his head .
  They quit their jobs and walked heads down to where their leader was .
- Look at me ! Get rid of these guys assholes !
  The two stiffened up and changed their attitude in a split second.
- I have new orders from Lucifer and he said we have a few tactical changes . But first I have to know precisely how much you know about the operation . I want every detail, every point and every point of which was passed on to you.
  The two looked at each other and Damen started :
- Well , we know that there are two archangels who are willing to do anything to be released ekstasis therefore Lucifer charge your lordship to plot a defense strategy that would be effective .
- Logo , so one of them shows up here , we have orders to shoot to kill and attack without mercy and we should also take care that the key part no escape here . Nor can we allow Luke invades the catacombs and also must observe every movement Daaths so they do not rebel for killing Klaus . - Fhiret ended .
  Victoria shook her head slightly and looked at them approval with eyes half closed .
- Forget all this, our leader said clearly that you should allow entry of the archangels no resistance and you should take care that no one else sees them enter. Our Emperor is preparing an ambush and therefore you should not worry .
  Damen Fhiret and looked at each other and then nodded to the captain , resuming their posts but still confused by the sudden change in plans . That was not cut Lucifer , but they could not challenge the word of Victoria , so lowered their weapons and prepare for a possible arrival of the archangels .