Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, October 25, 2013

† XXI. вєтяαуαℓ †

  - Where it led ? Spit it out , damn !
  Luke was impatient and struck a blow in general , bent over trying to pick up oxygen, which persisted in escaping from his lungs . The archangels tried to detect the presence of Enma by one of those paths , but found nothing to help them . The demon was frustrated and when I finally stopped to think , he felt a sharp twinge of pain in his temples , which was a result of the restless energy of the demons that were in the hall . So that was it . Enma was already near the hall . Every second counted from now and they already knew which path to follow.

    Enma was beside Lucifer, having every move analyzed by seizure of demons and the hope of Daaths . She was facing a rectangular stone made ​​of black marble and gleaming . Her face was still covered by the hood of his black cloak and this prevented all to see the tears escape from her eyes . She stared at the crowd looking for a friendly face and name , but found no one . Luke was not even there at the time so she could help. That same skeletal Daath left her in the care of Klaus and joined his companions . Some demons appeared covered with violet velvet robes and prepared the altar with a sort of gray water and one cup along with a silver dagger studded with amethysts and topazes that was extremely sharp in a tray , which was in the custody of one of the hooded demons that was short and stocky . A woman , who was wearing a dark blue robe , drew marks on his face and arms Enma with purple ink and then led her to the marble altar , where she lay down and closed his eyes , waiting for your order .
  Lucifer stood before the altar and took the leather glove he wore on his right hand and held the dagger pointed at the girl's chest . The demons had their eyes wide with hope and excitement just waiting for the big moment . The Emperor of Hell looked up and uttered something like a chant in Latin.
- Daemones est autem dominabitur . Effundetur et sanguis , et omnes furorem meum Ponam inimicos . Caelum et cadet land peribunt : infernus et est verum et lege .
  The ground began to shake before each sentence , which together formed a prophecy , which translated would be like this: " Demons are the rule . And the blood shall be shed , and my wrath will make all thine enemies . Heaven and earth shall fall they shall perish; and hell is the truth and the law . " .

  They were very close to where Lucifer was and the words sung by him laim reached the ears of Luke , who gritted his teeth and ordered his legs ran faster. Archangels also heard but did not understand what that meant , so only quickened their pace to reach Luke , who was coming up the opening through which they entered .
   Lucifer was the end of the song and the dagger prepared for the blow of victory . To sing the last four words , the dagger was buried in the heart of Enma quickly. She , in turn , not thrashed and even felt pain , because the atmosphere of the place that was loaded by the evil power of Lucifer weakened the soul of the girl and made her lose consciousness . A demon vassal handed to the sovereign a new dagger , which was used to cut the length of the girl's forearm , causing a trickle of blood ooze wine color to the chalice.
   No one expected it, the cup was thrown away , spilling the blood of Enma the hall . Demons and Daaths gaped and amazed , looking for the person who interrupted the ritual . At first , saw nothing , but then the figure of a tall , dark-haired and crimson eyes appeared in front of Lucifer.
- So to say that the traitor decided to return home ?
- No. We're here to take Enma .
- ' We ' ? So the archangels managed to enter ? I'm surprised nobody in this hall have noticed their presence .
  Castiel Ethan appeared and then take away the ashes that covered the brightness of its wings and preparing to take Enma there, but some soldiers appeared with weapons drawn , preventing their escape . Archangels stood motionless , waiting for the next move of Luke , however , the devil was busy looking fend off fierce attacks of Lucifer and Klaus , who had more skill than him.
- What are you waiting for? Take Enma here !
- But ...
   Luke snorted , dissatisfied and used a mind trick on opponents and used a fraction of its energy to destroy the soldiers , allowing the passage of the archangels . Castiel stopped and stared at the demon.
- Sure you will get to realize them alone?
- You 've seen how I am ? - Luke smiled , opened his arms and spread his wings - I'm fine , realize them with his hands tied behind his back . Now go before the passage to Earth disappear . Return there soon.