Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

† VIII. σℓ∂ мємσяιєѕ †

  Luke watched the movement of students from the upper floor with its black eyes distant and deleted . He was on hand with some leaves that were written by Delphine , when she was still under the power of the charm of Lucifer. Students passed him hurriedly , casting furtive glances at fault trying to figure out what was wrong with the boy .
  However , even with little consideration for the people around you , the devil lost focus of his thoughts when he felt the presence of a peaceful energy and imposing at the same time. It made a slight tremor go through the spine and Luke , to better observe , he saw the archangel Castiel a few feet from him .
  The shock was mutual. As the eyes of the son of Lucifer landed on him , Castiel slowed and stopped , turned slowly to face the figure with hair the color of night and dark look , which paled for a moment . Castiel did not stand staring at the demon for more than ten seconds, but fixed his gaze and attention on leaves that were in enemy hands .
- How to get it?
- I have my sources . - Luke grinned presumptuous - but I wonder how an archangel its level was scaled to a place like this ... - He thought for a moment and returned to speak with conviction - you were chosen to be assistant Ethan Collins ?
- It seems that his assistant Victoria is a good informant .
  Luke approached Castiel and said in a barely audible whisper :
- Enma Roberts is already in my possession , Archangel idiot. There remains only one last move and it's all over for you . - The demon turned away - I suggest you start looking for a new job.

  Castiel left the German class and searched for Ethan before the end of the day . The archangel was busy , which was not its normal . Students regarded him curiously. He became even more alarmed when they found fellow by the school .
  When he was giving up , Castiel sees in the distance a familiar blond hair and a girl following him .
- Ethan , is urgent! Quickly, we must ... - To set eyes on the girl , Castiel was silent - Well , I think we can talk later .
  Once Castiel turned away from them , Luke can have a better view of what was happening between the angel and mortal Ethan should be his, Enma of the roof of the school . After a thorough analysis time , the demon concluded that the opponent was using skills that have been granted by the Order .
  Earlier , Luke smiled , but then his eyes were dark and his expression deadly serious . His gaze was fixed on the particular girl, whose soul was being invaded by the light of Ethan Collins . The demon remembered the warning of Lucifer and began to use their skills on the girl , so try to prevent archangel connection with her ​​soul again and corrupting the heart of the girl.
  In an earlier time , Enma was smiling talking with the angel , but the next moment , something took possession of her soul and felt strong headaches . Flashes of old memories took the mind of the girl, who became sensations she could not control . Faces she had never seen before passed as a movie before her feelings and that she did not have for these people began to sprout from it as a source that was hidden for centuries .
  Those feelings became stronger and lighter , which made the girl fainted . Ethan grabbed her and took Enma to the ward with the help of Castiel . When they were at the end of the corridor , the girl regained consciousness abruptly , bouncing from the arms of Ethan and the boys staring with astonished gaze .
- What happened ?
- You fainted and we ...
- No! Not so! What happened ? Why I can not remember everything I saw ?
  Ethan approached her and put his hand on the girl's forehead . At the same moment , he felt weak and paled . Castiel pulled his hand from near the girl and stood in front of her, staring at her in the eyes . An electric current passed through the body of the archangel and silvery wings began to burn in his back , which meant danger sign note eleven on a scale of zero through ten. Castiel golden eyes searched her soul more deeply and he realized that something blocked his power to the deepest core of Enma . It was something powerful and sinister , which was a tenth weaker in touch with the energy of the angel. He and the girl were paralyzed and Castiel 's face lost color . The gold of his eyes were gray and Ethan could not take either of the trance .