Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

† XXIII. αℓℓ ƒσя σηє †

  Ethan carried Enma in the arms and tried to reach the portal with his partner archangel, Castiel . The more we neared the exit, but she seemed distant . Maybe it was a spell of Lucifer , maybe they were getting weaker by the great power of the shadows there. If you do not come out of there as soon as possible , not just the host of Ravenna Edwards , but also heaven and earth would be lost forever in a sea of hatred , greed and tyranny.
  The exit was right there , however , the energy that kept open was disappearing very rapidly , because the energy of Lucifer was fading Area to focus only on the castle , which was where the final conflict happen . Ethan and his friend were crossing the exit , a silver chain oxidized lightly gripped the ankles of both archangels , which began to be dragged back to Hell . They tried to resist and break the acorrentes , however do not get any success , because as they used their power of light to escape , the current absorbed that power and became even stronger .

   Victoria was leading a faction of demons large and carried a semblance of contentment , since victory was certain and all who were in Hell is strengthened by the fact ekstasis be deep . Therefore , Lucifer would be proud of the success that the mission would have .
- You think you can hold us to these currents ridiculous ?
- Ethan , shut up - Castiel hissed - You will only make things worse .
  The leader of the soldiers archangels demons looked with satisfaction and arrogance as he ordered a soldier to take arms Enma Archangel blonde , who had their walls of resistance completely solidified . Ethan was able to use a fragment of the power he had left to make some demons from turning into ashes . However , he soon lost the strength and collapsed to his knees .
- Idiot . If his strength was the size of your stubbornness , you certainly could have eliminated my army . - She held her chin Ethan so austere - but you could not do that . Now the girl is ours, and you will suffer for eternity as an example to all those who try to defy the orders of the Emperor our going forward .
  Castiel broke the chains that bound him and Victoria knocked down brutally. The two exchanged blows while hostile raised infertile soil dust , obstructing the view of others. Seizing the chance , the soldiers advanced on Ethan and took the girl in a matter of seconds because he was very weak and unable even to move. The chains tightened her body , cutting her skin and causing serious injury , which bled profusely. The air escaped from his lungs and his vision was blurred , he could see the entato when reinforcements arrived .
  Archangels of the Order came to Hell Luke opened the portal . Haley took the frontline , using their pure light and gold to obfuscate the sight demons, Daniel appeared like lightning , and with only one song in Latin, the shadow creatures had their bodies consumed by flames gold color and pearly blue , turning into little piles of ash that were carried by the wind ; Nora carrying a bag with something that could restore the strength of the other two members of the archangels faccção most feared by both as Hell by Heaven
  A bitter amber liquid down the throat of Ethan , making him choke and retrieve vital signs in seconds .
- What is this thing ?
- It is called the Flower of Light and help turn the light of heaven in archangels that are designed to fulfill missions in this place .
  Castiel was still facing Victoria , but he was lagging behind . The force that was accumulated inside it disappeared and the archangel was in trouble . Daniel interfiriu but Victoria fled before he could be affected by the power of the leader of the Order . Nora gave him a bottle of Flor de Luz and he had the same reaction that Ethan had. First , grimaced , but was soon active again .
- You must run , the run is running out and if it is not carried to Earth in time, all that our Father created will be destroyed .
  The duo assentirau archangels and they both departed towards the castle of Lucifer , which would be the tomb of the Emperor Enma and the pedestal of Hell . Time was short and they had no time to lose . Archangels of the Order disappeared and left Jade in charge of observing what was happening and interfirir when necessary.