Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

† XIX. тнє єη∂ σƒ тнє нσρє †

  Enma wept for the death of Crystal as the leader of the rare Daaths took her away from Oxford . The buildings trembled every step he took , like an earthquake. Klaus was getting impatient with the crying girl and used one of his claws to make a cut at the base of her neck , which would be the entrance to the powerful poison that creature had the body and Enma did fall asleep , ending the noise that tormented .
  When they reached the city limits , Klaus opened his wings hard and wrinkled , that seemed to be made ​​of stone and entered the portal that was later , so that he could meet his ' boss ' .

  Archangels and Luke flew as fast as he could to prevent the dark plans of Klaus and the adoptive father of Luke . The trail of destruction that left Daath facilitated the persecution of three boys .
  A few yards away , a light purplish tone drew their attention . Luke stiffened up and ordered his wings chattering as soon as possible . Both angels looked at each other and realized that they also should not rush .
  When they were reaching the light , a cloud of Daaths advancing toward the three , who were forced to return to the ground . They were on the outskirts of the city and completely surrounded , and the proportion was ten Daaths for each boy . Luke estralou your fingers and walked with determination and ferocity , knocking some of Daaths in seconds . Ethan and Castiel began to help , but the battle was a truce when Victoria appeared and landed a punch on Luke .
- Damn , why did you do that?
- I have clear orders of Lucifer and will not let you come to the portal .
  Luke growled and his body shook with anger and a grim and frightening force surrounded the demon's body . Canines appeared extremely sharp white and black eyes gained crimson . Wings , that were completely black , gray and gained some reflexes were larger than before , conveying fear and respect for him . Victoria took a few steps back and was amazed with the image of Luke in the current state .
- What happened to him ? - Ethan whispered to Castiel .
- It is the end of the transformation of demon . Now he is a demon general first class and that is just one degree below the power of Lucifer.
  The anger and the desire to save Enma has made the true power of Luke awoke at once , causing this great transformation. The Daaths retreated in fear , but the demon did not miss the opportunity and launched a powerful attack against them , knocking them in seconds . Victoria disappeared into the attack and the portal was presetes disappearing .
  Castiel felt tears invade his eyes and he knelt on the floor , pounding the ground with sorrow and sadness .
- No! No! No!
  Ethan did not know how to comfort his friend and just stood there , watching the new restlessness Luke , who disappeared and reappeared frequently through the trees , clearly looking for something. After walking to and fro , he found what he wanted and drew a pentagram silver neck . Soon , a light shade of the same portal appeared .
- Let's hurry . The energy that Lucifer sent to Klaus open the portal is disappearing . We have a few seconds .
  Castiel stood up and followed the others into the portal , where there they plunged in vacuum and in the dark. Luke knew which path should be followed and the archangels followed until they reached at a gate with thick bars painted black and with a peculiar lock . The demon took the keys from his overcoat pocket , but none served in the lock . Lucifer exchanged keys to prevent the boy back .
  The three flew over the wall and glided silently to the strength of the leader of the demons and where there was a large crowd of demons coming and going all the time .
- I think you two better camouflage their wings with the ashes here, otherwise we will have big problems to go through all these people .
  The archangels nodded and covered the silver color and peach color of their wings with a thick layer of ash . Luke played for them two hooded black robes and put them in order to hide their faces .

  Enma was in a cell guarded by a demon general second class and severe cold that left no noise or shadow pass unnoticed by him .
- Shut up , girl!
  The girl shrank further and trying to stifle the sobs of pain and sadness that came from his heart , he was bitter at being forced to serve the whims of Lucifer the rest of his life. She looked at all the corners of the cell , but there was nothing that offered support for a possible leak . All would be lost .