Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

† XVIII. ¢нαℓℓєηgє †

  Castiel through the window of a house and slammed against the wall of a room that was dark and there was nobody there. He stood leaning on furniture to reestablish equiíbrio and felt his back and shoulders sting unbearably . The shards of window glass were buried in the flesh of the boy and let the blood drain.
  The door opened slowly and a high silhouette and family on the lights .
- I do not believe it ! What is the matter with you , archangels ? A demon also need privacy !
  Luke was angry with the second invasion of archangels at his house in less than a few months . To traverse the eyes across the room , he saw the situation in which the window is in and the shards of glass in the body of the attacker.
- Ah , have patience ! Now I have to fix the damn window? ! For me that's enough , that was the straw .
- The fault was not mine. Klaus threw me violently here.
  The demon stood grimly at the name of the leader Daath and kept his eyes fixed on the Archangel , waiting for him to finish the counting what had happened and feeling the anger growing within him so devastating . Luke left the room and went to another , where he meditated to achieve connection with Lucifer .
' Can you explain for what reason Klaus is involved? '
' My son , all the reinforcement is little, do not you think ? '
' I had care of everything and then would win this race . The Daath is the last that I thought you would trust to do this . We know what their intentions are and you really think they will be honest ? This is ridiculous ! '
' Luke , time runs against us, especially after you've faltered and let the archangels would have a connection with her and then you helped in the fight against Castiel Hareton . I never really trusted you for this, you were just my top, but even in this role you proved incapable. You might even still be a demon, but I do not appreciate more their skills . '
  Luke was eroding of anger and revenge when he finished the conversation with the Emperor of Hell . He came downstairs and announced to the archangel with a lot of bitterness something he never thought he would say in his life .
- Hurry up , Enma not have much time and need to prevent it go to the claws of Lucifer .
  Castiel 's eyes widened and lost his speech , but the astonished gaze he cast the demon expressly left to clear the surprise and doubt those words .
- That's right . I'm on your side . Lucifer deceived me and I was just using me to keep Enma away from you two . - Luke clenched his fists - My soul demonic requires the coldest and the cruel revenge .
  The two went to where he lived intermediate and Castiel called Ethan for the latest news . Once all were assembled , the archangel golden eyes turned once the kidnapping of Enma , which reached to the other like a bucket of ice water . Ethan shuddered and opened his wings , eyes flashing anger and resentment .
- Grab - to intermediate handed Luke a dagger gold - imagine the pain of betrayal is destroying you and so you can just kill Lúficer with this weapon . Bury it deep in the heart black and corrupted him . But be careful , you can use only once and this dagger can destroy you too , as this is done only in light of the archangels and can put an end to any demon .
  Luke nodded and soon joined the others in a flutter of wings and fierce decided that shook the branches that were stricter there. The moonlight illuminated the silhouettes of three boys , who were heading to where Enma was being taken . At that time , angels and demons teamed up to save the girl who holds the power and balance within her from the clutches of Lucifer and Klaus forever. A major turnaround was about to happen .