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Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

† XXII. ℓ χ ℓ - ℓυ¢ιƒєя αgαιηѕт ℓυкє †

The crowd was getting rid of demons within the domains of Lucifer once the conflict between Luke and the two leaders began in earnest , the subjects have to feel terrorized the aggressive energies that came from the Emperor and General . The atmosphere was dense and the tension was noticeable. The silence between them was mortal , but Luke could hear growling .
  Klaus and the boy walked in circles around the room , which was now completely deserted . They both stared menacingly and Luke controlled his nerves not to attack first. If there was something he learned useful with demons was never take the first bid if you come after losses ; bid only when luck is in your favor . The Daath was impatient and sweat trickled down his forehead , as the tension and the fact they are just walking around like cat and mouse were leaving the imapciente and infuriated early. Lucifer was enjoying every movement on his throne , confident that the archangels not return to Earth and the adoptive child would be ruined him there, after Klaus , of course .
  The true intentions of Lucifer would materialize soon. Enma would be back without a doubt and that confrontation soon end with both parties destroyed . Luke destroy the Daath as his ' partner ' Klaus destroy the demon general . Therefore , the covenant that held the Emperor of Hell those useless and disposable Daaths would be broken and he would not need to give the power that nothing could for them .
- Are you afraid of me , little boy?
  Luke did not answer . He was careful to observe the details of the hall to outline an effective plan , so that fight would not last more than a few seconds. Klaus moved forward like a bull on the enemy and the devil jumped over him with feline grace and speed , making crude fall on some statues porcelain gray . His eyes were blazing with anger and Klaus attacked Luke again , but this time he was armed with an ax hanging on the wall.
- I'll slice you , demon !
  The demon smiled so provocative and prepared for a quick move . Feet away and leaned forward , his eyes focused on the Crimson 's next move Daath .
- Come try Herath .
- We'll see how long you will continue smug brat . - He turned to the emperor - Your boy is somewhat convinced, do not you think ?
- If that bothers you so much , my dear Klaus , I suggest you go ahead . Luke is no longer a child and therefore no longer depends on my protection .
  Klaus raised the ax and invested a single blow to the opponent , who had not moved before the blade of the weapon being millimeters from your head .
  Luke disarmed the Daath with a kick to the enemy , who left the ax fall on the other side of the hall . The opportunity was unique and the demon grabbed the gun quickly abandoned and struck a blow at the base of the neck Klaus , leaving him shudder and writhe on the floor black.
- I see that you are still smart and fast , my son , but we'll see when. You know very well that luck will smile to you now , is not it? I'll give you one more chance to redeem himself this betrayal and allow you to bring the girl back to prove their new loyalty oaths .
  The demon laughed wryly and narrowed her eyes red .
- I will not make the same mistake twice. Demons never rectify , unless it is to their ruler , remember? I do not have a ruler and never had .
  Lucifer stretched his mighty wings and bristled forward , making them look bigger than they already were . He took off the mask and let his features were visible for the first time . During all those years , Luke had never seen the face of the emperor and this encouraged him to attack , because now he could see that kind of face was hidden behind those black masks and inexpressive . Silver hair with black reflections fell until the shoulder height of the supreme demons , framing the face thinner , which supported a slightly pointed chin , the extremely white skin as gypsum , nose drawn with delicacy and harmony and eyes that no one has then had a chance to look , eyes that sentenciavam all souls to eternal suffering and intimidating . Were pearly and earned a gray shadow when he came near the vitreous humor and the pupil. The top and bottom of his eyes were softly outlined in black , which marked the intimidating air , austere and respectable. Anyone looking at it would say that Lucifer would not have more than nineteen years old man, however , he was much more than that.
  Luke was amazed to see that the leader of Hell was so well maintained and looks incredibly young . He knew that his adoptive father withdrew the power of the souls that were sent to him, but this phenomenon was indeed breathtaking .
- Startled by the appearance of your emperor, Luke ?
- I admit that yes , because I never expected such a youthful appearance for being like you .
  Lucifer smiled arrogantly and removed the black cloak , revealing clothes with military style dark gray .
  The young general estralou fingers and lengthened muscles , preparing for a big and exhausting confrontation. He took off his leather jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves to the elbows social gray . Both analyzing the movements from one another in detail.
  Luke had no alternative but to make the first move and invest an attack against Lucifer. The general used the ability to multiply its appearance through the shadows to apply a blow in the back , so try to figure out what would be the greatest weakness of the Emperor of Hell .