Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, October 7, 2013

† III. αgαιηѕт тнє тιмє: ℓυ¢ιƒєя ιѕ ℓσσкιηg ƒσя уσυ †

  Luke ran a deserted road at full speed to get to where he was a black shadow and indefinable , which was covered by a thick fog . There was something in that figure that made him shudder and demonic soul be strengthened at the same time.
  The shadow disappeared from sight of the boy and he was forced to get off the bike and finish the journey on foot . He went into a closed field and humid in EnCalcE the person who caught her attention . As he got closer , you could see that the figure was covered from head to toe in a black robe with gold trim .
- You took Luke .
  The figure removed his hood and left his face appear, but was covered by a mask color gold with copper details . He continued with the black robe , but left appears black wings with a slight golden touch that were twice the height of man and that conveyed an energy sinister and frightening .
  Luke leaned on a tree and crossed his fingers behind his head , not a bit intimidated by the figure before him .
- What brings the almighty king of darkness here?
- Luke - the voice of the shadow masked was extremely serious and sinister than any mortal would tremble with fear - You know why I'm here, so do not you dare let me down this time , otherwise you will be sprayed with light angels , understand?
  That thought made ​​the hairs stand on end for Luke , but he did not lose his arrogant attitude towards his adoptive father Lucifer.
- Everything is in my favor . Enma Roberts is not a sociable person and Ethan could not keep a dialogue with her for more than three seconds . - The boy grinned lazy and satisteito - It 's in the bag .
- The last time you believed it was sealed by that simple and stupid archangel. - Long pause - Well , I know that I may regret this later , but will increase its power so that it feels more affinity for you .
  Luke felt his strength and his power tripled and a new wave of energy go through his body like adrenaline on the human body . The young demon felt able to give the world endless rounds without getting tired . It spread its dark wings aveluladas and felt something that felt not long : freedom and independence .
- I will not disappoint you , but do not fulfill this mission with fire and sword . I think I have the right to have a little fun with the mortals here .
- Do as you like , but remember who is the priority .
- I know , I know , Enma Roberts . I said , I have special plans for her - Luke licked violet in canines milk-white .
  Behind the mask , Lucifer rolled his eyes and wondered the real reason to have adopted as his son Luke and not as a mere servant . But then he remembered : the energy emanating silver that boy since he was subjected to the same human good deeds Ethan . Perhaps the death of the parents of Luke Walker has not been by chance. The star shone him in Hell since he was born .
- Well , we're done here .
  Luke was moving away when Lucifer continued to speak .
- However , to monitor their attitudes , send Victoria here .
  The boy froze in place and turned slowly toward the ruler of darkness with indignant look .
- Why HER? Victoria is the be more insufferable and annoying the universe ! Even I lose for her on the scale of intolerance ! I DO NOT need a babysitter .
- I know that, but most times you lose focus of the mission and this leaves gaps for Ethan get into the game . She will not be with you act like you did not know , however , she will always be close by watching you.
- Since I can not contest , is better than nothing . Anything else?
- Why the rush?
- I have an appointment with Enma Roberts here two hours and I want to be rested for the grand finale . I know that demons do not need rest , but still have not lost the hand of the human factor in laziness.
  Lucifer disappeared in a fog thick black as Luke lengthened muscles black wings and took off to their temporary home in the human world .