Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, September 30, 2013

❅ cнαρтєя 16 ❅

  Lauren ran through some woods aimlessly , following trails that cut isolated the darkest corners of the woods of Dream River Park . The branches of the trees blocking the last rays of the sun , leaving the air cooler, moist and heavy for her lungs . The roots were exposed made ​​her stumble at every step and mossy stones hindered his way . She wanted to return, but could not remember the way.
  She went to the end of the path , which ended at the beginning of a plain that was infinitely cooler than any place she had ever attended before. Every square inch of the place was covered by snow and ice. The trees were stripped of their leaves and carrying a large amount of snow on their branches . There were many people wandering around, only a few men with shabby clothes and dirty with chains attached to the wrists and neck . His hands were calloused by hard work and their faces were with deep cuts that went from the forehead to the chin on the left side of the face of each of them .
  Among the slaves , was a robust man dress stylishly and armed with a sword studded with diamonds, watching every move that plain . Lauren turned and went into hiding for the soldier through the woods quickly , until he realized he was out of his reach .
   The girl walked for a time hidden in the forest , but then saw a palace which sparkled for a little sunshine , made with ice and with gates of gold and silver , guarded by two men . A tall armed with a bow and arrows and another lower with a spear in hand . A fragment of a thought came to her ears by the wind and she knew that this was the impenetrable fortress of Elisabeth .
  Lauren ran a little longer , but returned to hide when he saw Bryan Whinterland through the gates . She felt a lump in my throat to see him because he had helped her and for a moment he seemed to be a good person , an example of a good friend when he saved her from platinum blonde . Thinking that it was all a plan made ​​her feel sick and betrayed at the same time.
 After some time , the girl had an idea. Took a blanket that was lost over there and put it on her head, covering her face and her hair and hid a dagger in the silver strip that was tied at the waist . She picked up a twig sharp and made the same brand that the men had on his face on the left side of her face , so that the guards mistaken for one of the slaves of Elisabeth .
- You must be the new maid . Is delayed .
  The guard with the spear opened the gates for her and Lauren came in, walking with difficulty , because the desire to run frantically took her body with intensity , but it was not yet time to undo the cover , only when Elisabeth was dead and all were free from it and also another heir it, Bryan . The dagger weighed more than she should in her cloak and Lauren could not tell if it was his weakness or his fault for being forced to kill the mother of Dylan Price, the boy she loved .