Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

❋ Four

  The day ended quickly and before leaving I went to spend the Registrar to know how was the progress of my club , because there are times I do not appear to help . Soon , Mrs. June handed me a stack of papers with some tasks the garden club had for me today. Honestly , I admire the confidence that group members have for me , even with my extended absence . I called my mom and said he would have to help the club by purchasing some materials they needed. What the hell ! My bike stayed home and gardening store was in the city center and the fastest way down the street was an abandoned factory that frankly was afraid to even during the day . I tried to spread my wings , but they were weak to sustain my weight and I did not have enough to catch the bus , so what was left was me walking and facing that street if I wanted to take the time to look for my necklace.
  I put the list in the backpack and walked quickly down the street from the factory , which was deserted and even dirtier than I remembered. Graffiti took care of the walls , making it impossible to know the true color of the buildings , several vehicles were abandoned and completely destroyed and had several spots of blood on the pavement and asphalt . Look at everything that made me miss my hectic life in Heaven and fluffy white clouds . A cold wind came through the jacket and I felt a few pairs of eyes on my movements , which made me even more scared .
  I ran as fast as I could and was soon in the city center and garden shop was close . The bell rang he was tied to the door when I walked in and Mr. Markus was at the counter , smiling amiably as ever .
- Hello , Serenity ! How can I help ?
  I handed the list and the money to him and said Violette would come all the next day . He nodded and I left again to the dark path.
  I was halfway back when I saw a girl not much older than me wearing a set of gray and faded coat with oily hair covering much of the face that was on the other sidewalk , passing in front of the door a house when a hand covered by a black leather glove grabbed her arm and pulled her inside. She screamed for help and asking staring at me before escaping from the hands of the person and run , stumbling on the sidewalk . Soon after , a bald man wearing gray and dirty clothes and blood that ran behind the desengonçadamente frail girl, holding her by the throat and nailing a knife on her collarbone and chest pounding again , exactly at heart . He looked around and I hid behind a post , hoping to hear his footsteps far away . I felt great guilt inside of me for not having helped the little girl , for being an agent of light I should have stopped it, but the human side spoke up and my hands were wet with sweat. I wiped them on his pants , and resumed his pace, but then I see two shadows moving in my direction and started walking aft , but hit against a solid and cold body .
- Well, well , what have we here ?
  I tried to run to the other side , but the same man who had killed the girl in gray clothes grabbed my throat and pointed the knife still covered with blood at the time of my neck . I gulped and looked alternately at him and the other two guys that were with him : one was tall and skinny as a stick with orange colored hair and multiple piercings on his face , the other was shorter , with dyed hair red and semi - muscled arms covered in tattoos and he was holding an iron bar .
- What do you think we should do with it , boss? - Asked the orange hair.
- She saw what you did and can report you , kill her! - Replied the other .
- I think we can play with it before , do not you think ? - The bald man said , bringing the knife closer to my neck - Maybe we could shredding it and know how long it survives .
  I looked everywhere , looking for a way to escape , but the group's leader shook hands around my neck and lifted me off the ground , preventing my escape , however , calculated the disância my feet and I kicked with strength in his stomach. When he fell to his knees on the floor, I ran as fast as I could , but the redhead held me , slamming the iron bar on my back . The air escaped my lungs and I could not get up . The pain was insupotável and without the necklace I could not recover and could not purify them . A calloused hand gripped my arm and lifted me roughly , causing me to almost lose his balance and fall on the floor again . The bald man was standing again and was laughing at my situation along with the other two , each trying to get hits on me .
  I made every effort to deflect , but something hits my head , making my vision is blurred . I touched the spot where I was hit and I saw that he was bleeding . My head was spinning , but leaned on a wall to keep from falling .
- Where do you think you're going , girl? - The orange-haired boy grabbed me by the collar of his jacket and looked me hard in the eyes , throwing me against a dumpster .
  Hit against the object tightly and my stomach started to hurt by the impact . My legs had no more strength and I collapsed on the floor at once , generating a new access laughs between gross . Could not get up , no matter how much effort I took and made a prayer that Theos forgive me for that. Prepared me for my order and saw another shadow across the street, probably another mate them .
  He was the same height as the orange hair, but had bulging muscles under black shirt. He had dark brown hair and eyes the same color , they were cold and expressionless .
- Well, big D. , to which we owe the honor of your presence ?
- Do not play dumb , Spike . - His voice was cold and sharp as sharp metal with newly bald - You know the rules , and one of them is not torment the few visitors we have here .
  Spike gave a hysterical laugh.
- There are no more visitors , D. , invaders and only this one - he pointed to me - saw things I should not .
  D. looked away from him to me and studied me for a little while and then looked at the other two , saying nothing .
- And I know what you did ?
- Nothing more . - The voice of the redhead was trembling .
  D. not insisted after seeing the dirty knife blood but Spike hands and approached the annoyingly slow and relaxed steps . When he was close enough , he grabbed Spike by the throat and threw him against the wall of the factory across the street, opening a large hole in it . The other two looked at each other and began to run , leaving the head back and stumbling along the way .
  I rested a hand on the wall and tried to regain my balance to get a run because I did not want to be next. He approached me and my body started shaking , a mixture of cold and fear. I let go of the wall and started running around, staggeringly , but when he was around the corner my legs gave out and I fell to my knees . I looked back and saw that D. was approaching course, what made ​​me more terrified and petrified on the floor.
- What think you're doing , girl?
  I did not answer , just looked at him with wide eyes , trying to predict what he would do to me now that I tried to escape it .
- You do not go to some place like that .
  He approached and passed my right arm over his neck and helped me to stand and walk again . One of his hands was holding me and the other was holding my right wrist , so I would not fall , maybe.
- You are not well .
  I kept silent and the Marines with eyes . If this was a joke , sure was not funny . However , I think it was not even a joke , because even he was laughing on the contrary , there was no hint of a smile on his face .
  We continued to walk in silence to the beginning of my street . Everyone was at home, preparing dinner and certainly no one in the street . Ventured one peek in D. and saw that he was looking up , thinking about something far and deep . I bowed my head, because I wanted to not disrupt his concentration . A few houses later, I finally saw my mom's car pulling into the driveway .
- Is there - I pointed to the car .
  I thought , with that, he let me go and that turn around , however , he kept offering me support until my mother ran towards us and offered me support in place of D.
- I found her almost unconscious on Dakota Street - my mother would open her mouth to speak, but he continued , moving away from us - do not have to thank and hope improvements .
  My mother looked at me with that face ' for sure we will have a talk , young lady .'