Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

❋ Seven

 Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the confusion still crouchingly , not to draw attention . We stopped at a place and I was pushed into a dark room and it smelled of dust. The brightness of the day did not enter that place . The door closed with a clang and click the bulb lighting made ​​me feel a little better so I could see what was there and who was with me . There was nothing in that small room but dust and bark with various graffiti paint.
- Have not you had enough ? Why do you insist on coming here?
  D. was inflamed nostrils of cholera and his eyes flashed with anger. I felt a deep desire to shrink until it disappears away, not wanting him angry with me here . I looked at him scared and not knowing what to say . He looked at me carefully , but turned his head to the side and ran his fingers through his dark hair , which was disheveled . He sighed deeply and opened the door , peering carefully, but quickly went back inside and heard the sound of a gunshot.
- You only bring me problems !
- I'm sorry , but I never asked for your help , D.
  He looked at me darkly when I said his name , but said nothing , just stood leaning against the door , listening to the sounds that were issued on the outside . I do not know what to do : he was arrested on a street with violent people within a cômdo with a strange guy and stable mood. I searched my phone in my jacket pocket and tried to distract myself playing Pac -Man .
  I spent a good time concentrated on the game and realized that D. was not there . If he was gone , then the danger was gone also , I thought. However , when I tried to open the door, it was locked . Great ! He locked me in here ! I tried kicking and punching the door , but she would not budge . Used house keys in the lock and one of them served . I looked out and saw the two groups going in opposite directions and a similar boy with D , but with red eyes and hair with scarlet reflection . Waited for him to step aside and walked to the fence, jumped over it and ran to where my bike was , trying to go unnoticed , but bump into someone and fall sitting on the floor .
- You were supposed to stay there .
- Really? So why do not you say anything and just left me locked like an idiot ?
  He shrugged . Honestly , he was already getting tired . I passed him and went on my way , but he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer to him . I opened my mouth to protest , but I saw that Spike was going through and stayed quiet , suspending the breath to attract more problems for D.
  He pulled me away from him , but kept his hand on my shoulder . I looked at his hand , waiting for her to leave my shoulder so I could go there, but nothing happened . I sighed deeply , trying to convey the idea that I did not want to stay there , but I heard some sounds of beeps and looked at him again .
- How did you get my phone ?
- I have my tricks , girl.
- I have a name , you know?
- Yes , I know , but not like your name. Serenity is the name that a distraught mother gives to her daughter , hoping that it can bring you peace ; ridiculous.
- My mother did not choose my name for this reason , okay ? She took an old movie !
- It's worse than I thought , but I'll give you another name . - He was analyzing my face and my clothes thoughtfully until finally spoke : - I'll call you Sety .
- Wait a minute: you think I 'm a dog you can name whatever it wants ?
- Ok.Ok. How about Light ?
  I did not answer , just kept walking and looked at what he had done on my phone . After searching , I saw his name in the phonebook . I stopped where I was abruptly and turned to face him , but he was no longer there. What did he think ? I tried to delete the number , but it was locked with a password different from mine. That bastard ! I hope not to see him anymore .

  I continued my search , but I found my necklace somewhere. Three days had passed and I no longer had my powers of seraphim . When I got home , Oliver , the blonde seraphim was talking with my mother , but came closer to me and gave me a sad smile .
- It is a shame that it's been three days. Wish you luck , Sery . We'll be rooting for you .
  He disappeared and my mother asked me about the whereabouts of the necklace. I sat on the kitchen counter and said he had found nothing . I was there for some time and went up to my room. I took a quick shower and threw me on the bed , but I was not tired , I was just absorbing everything that happened and I was thinking about that boy red eyes that suddenly appeared when my phone rings again . I looked in the viewfinder and rejected the connection . I had nothing to deal with D. and did not want him so soon .
  The celuar touched again . Rejetado . Again . Rejected . Played a third time. Rejected . I heard the phone ring and my mother answered .
- Daughter, has a college boy wanting to talk to you .
  I got the extension that was in my room and answered with little notice . When I heard the voice of the person , got up from bed and tried my best to control my anger .
- What is your problem?
- Hey , calm down , Light , just want to pass you a note .
  I waited , saying nothing .
- Meet me in front of his school tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock .
- And why would I do that ?
- Because I know what you want and know how to help you find it .
- You're bluffing .
- Doubt ? I know what you're looking for your necklace seraphim .
- How do you know ? About you ...
  He hung up the phone . Bastard ! How did he know that? The only person who knew it was my mother and she would never tell anyone anything. I put the phone back in place and stared at the wall , not knowing what to do. My phone rang again , but it was a message .

' Do not forget : tomorrow , four hours in front of the school

                                                                 D. '