Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

❋ Fifteen

   I held the pendant tightly and felt my powers of seraphim returning gradually . Every cell in my body again absorbed the lost skills . D put the necklace around my neck and gave me an unexpected hug. Retrubuí , feeling embarrassed , but soon a slight feeling enveloped me and only then realized that D was transferring what was left of his power angel for me . Unable to remove him , so could block the transfer of power.
- Why are you doing this?
- You'll turn into a ...
- Shh ... You go back to Heaven , this was my mission ever since , now that his collar back into place , I have nothing more to do in the world of mortals .
  Pulled away in order to face him . He was teary eyes and opaque . Why? What was going on here anyway? If it was meant to help me , it was certainly not by orders of Lucifer , then, who could have given him this order ?
  I have not had much time to think about it , because D was turning into a demon again. I felt a great shiver down my body and I saw a black light enveloping him . Never seen this before , but I'm sure I'd feel the same sense of fear and dread . Did everything he said about his task in the mortal world was true ? If it were , why Lucifer would agree with that? Probably some kind of dispute between the two forces , but was not sure . All this because of a necklace? I think this was not well .
- Sety , run as fast as you can and do not look back .
- But ...
- Go right before I do something I do not want !
  I got up from bed and ran toward the door . D looked one last time , but did not have time to thank , for this human that even for a short time together was important to me in those eyes was gone . I felt tears sting my eyes and started running , thinking about the force that D had given me moments before . Something inside me said that Thomas Dakota was dead, this time forever.
  The bedroom door was open and I heard fast and furious footsteps behind me . The only person who was there was now another demon who wanted to break up with me . My face started getting moistened by tears , but tried not to prevent them from falling . My vision was blurred by tears , but I could guide me the same way that D had led me to leave the condo . The key was still with me and traquei output .
   I ran to his house to pick up my stuff and my bike to go there , but when I entered I saw a shadow moving in the darkness and a similar energy with my invaded my senses . I turned on the lights and saw a someone I trusted . Oliver . But what was he doing there? How to know where I was ? Well , the second question was spontaneous , as the seraphim know everything , entretando was still surprised by everything . Approached him with involuntary caution. For me there was nothing wrong , but maybe another part of my being knew something did not suspect my senses .