Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4. sσмєωнєяє

- What do you say we take a walk? Your parents will still take a while to arrive, right?
  Erin nodded and grabbed a coat closet , following Connor to a black Honda parked in front of her house . The interior was clean and spotless , despite Connor not be one of those obsessed with cars and smelled like new leather . He closed the door and went to her then giving starting and driving to a cafe that was near the main avenue . He asked her to wait and let her snooping CD's he had in the car .
  Connor put his sunglasses despite being night and headed to a waiter - who was the only one who was not Asian - and said something like a code .
- Black Serenade ... You know the drill , right?
- Yes , but ... So quickly ? You are excelling .
- Do not meddle in my affairs , o.k ? Just do it, Max
  The waiter nodded and ran to the kitchen and returned with a bag of beige paper and handing it to Connor , who nodded and went back to the car . Erin was still watching his songs and, therefore , did not pay attention to anything . He took a glass of what looked like coffee with milk and cinnamon and handed it to the girl, who drank with gusto. Connor smiled and kept driving to the airport .
- Wait! What are we doing here? I have to go home , Connor , and my parents will be terrified .
- I heard that the traffic on the avenue in which they are in chaos , will take at least another half hour , do not worry . Come on, honey .
  They parked the car and went into the airport, where Connor approached an extremely tall and thin girl and said something to her , which took two passages from his pants pocket . He joined up where Erin was and guided her to where the plane would follow to Germany .
- Connor , where are we going ? - She was feeling dizzy and sleepy .
- Lets walk a little more , darling .
  He helped her get on the plane and soon settled into seats that were at the end of the plane. The flight attendant caught a nod and once the aircraft took off , she appeared with a cup of tea in front of Erin , who hesitated but eventually accepted . Some time later, she fell asleep with her ​​head resting on Connor , who smiled while comtemplava the whole trip . Does the feeling pondered his actions was love ?