Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

❋ Six

  I was walking down a deserted , poorly lit street. The sky was violet and pointed to the middle of the night . Windy and I was freezing . I do not know how I got there , nor what I was looking for, but I saw something emitting a strange light up ahead , coming from a window on the top floor of a decaying building, which was possibly a luxury hotel and was protected by a railing high and sturdy. Looked around and saw no one , so I started to climb the railings , which were smeared with grease and left everything more complicated .
  The top was close to me and my hands ached from the effort , but would not give up . It was then that I saw a shadow jumping on top of the grid with feline grace and crossed his arms over his chest strong , watching my effort and with a half smile , which was lit by the moon . I felt something strange inside me to see that shadow , but could not back down now . I swallowed dryly afraid and stayed where I was still hoping that the person was out of there .
  The light of an old lamppost lit by magic , and saw that his face was in shadow D. and I was on Dakota Street again. I looked down and saw several dogs climbed the grid with canines exposed and mouths salivating trying to reach me . I looked at D. desperate , but he did nothing but stare at me and further enhance the ghoulish smile. Tears burned my eyes , but he crouched down and held out a hand to me . I accepted , however , he shot me down and I went against the concrete sidewalk where the ferocious pack of hungry dogs waiting for me .

  Got up earlier than usual despite being a Saturday because that dream , that made my sleep completely disappear . My mother was taking a shower and I crawled down the hallway towards my bathroom. I took a long bath a little more than usual and I felt the smell of fresh waffles . I put a black jeans with a leather jacket of the same color - yes , I just love jackets ! - And a black shirt that I rarely use , I wore a pair of leather boots with low heels and went to the kitchen for coffee.
- Today is Saturday , young lady , which will early and dressed like that?
- I have to start looking for the necklace , mother . But first I 'm going to school to pick up my helmet . - ' That's a lie ! His shameless ! How has the courage to lie so coldly that way ! ' My conscience screamed as I put a piece of waffle in the mouth . I know lying is wrong , but there was no other option and not everything was a lie .
- If so, then all is well . Carry your cell phone.
  I nodded , her mouth full and finished my coffee. I went upstairs to brush my teeth and get my phone with a stylus that I kept in the drawer . Placed inside the inner pocket of his jacket and went to the garage to get my bike .
  Kept the average speed while close to home , but soon started running when I was sure it was far from my street . I did not go to school to get my helmet, so I do before returning home to my mother would not be angry with me . There was not much movement in the streets and avenues and even the police were not patrolling , so did not have to worry about fines . I rode to the start of the dark street and left the bike parked in an alley with the keys in so I could not worry about losing them too. My cell phone was enough to make me take care and no one would know that my bike would be there reason.

  Dakota Street was more morbid and creepy than the last time I came here . Some newly made ​​corpses were stacked inside a trash can that was in flames . I closed my eyes for a few seconds and asked theos forgive those souls before continuing to walk . Apparently they were much more violent than I imagined . Was it Spike or D. the author of that crime? There could be other groups of vandals that way ? I did not know better and would not know because my stomach began to churn for reminding me of those dead people and remember seeing Spike kill in cold blood the girl Sibelle .
  My cell phone rang , snapping me out the concentration of thoughts. It was my mother . But what could it be? I left home were not fifteen minutes.
- What is it, mother ?
- Oh, sorry dear , I think you got the wrong number. Was calling my boss 's phone to hit the rest of my committee last month .
- Ok I'm a little busy right now , if you please .
- Okay , be careful , okay ?
  I hung up the phone and put it away again in the jacket . I froze when I heard synchronized steps approaching me from behind. I turned slowly and forced his eyes to see through the fog when I feel something cold poking my neck . Unintentionally elbowed in what looked like an abdomen and ran into the street , where I saw a knife falling to the floor and two guys and a girl approaching me . One, painted hair was dark green with hands on belly ; deduced that it was he who tried to stab me . Not far away , was another man with a goatee and full fat blue hair tied in a loose ponytail .
  Pulled back while a girl a little taller than I with several tattoos , red clothes and a necklace spikes approaching me , watching me with eyes with blue contact lens celeste and fixing her hair dyed brown with red highlights . My back met a wall and searched by the stylus holding it inside the jacket sleeve to not arouse suspicion .
- What you think you're doing here , rookie ? You are in my area , it sends .
  I gasped when I saw a gun in her hand and finger rings and filled with black enamel on the trigger , ready to shoot in my head ;
- Come on, answer ! What are you doing here? - It closer to the gun from me and felt the cold metal on my forehead - Well, well , looking closely I think I recognize you ... Yes , you are that curious blonde D. saved , is not it? What is it?
- Serenity Lightwood . - Said the blue hair.
- That's right . Beautiful name . 'm Rosalie , however this will not be useful to you , since I have to burst your pretty little head .
  The two boys giggled and Rosalie opened a ghastly smile at me . I moved my hand calculatedly and cut her arm with the stylus , making a puddle of blood on the floor .
- Do not stay still, jerks ! Catch her and kill her !
  They started running after me like wild animals , however , I was away from them and my powers of seraphim had not yet completely disappeared , which facilitated my escape . I jumped a fence and stooped , watching cautiously Rosalie and his followers had stopped near where I was . I felt my pulse pounding in my ears , but I saw that they were not looking for me , were looking forward to where there were three people approaching . When they came out of the shadows I saw was Spike and his companions . Leaders growling at each other and began to attack , creating an opportunity for me to escape from there.