Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 2, 2013

❋ Five

  - Miss explain to me why that was until the Dakota Street alone ?
  I was holding a bag of ice on his head and being critically analyzed by my mother , whose gaze was too serene despite the threatening tone of voice. It certainly was not a good sign .
- I called you saying I had to go to the gardening store in the city center , right? And the only way was more closely by Dakota Street .
- You might as well have walked , so have found clues about the necklace .
  My jaw dropped . How stupid I was ! I almost died in a deadly shortcut by sloth walking and missed a great chance .
  I jumped off the couch and put on my shoes again, but my mother stood in front of the door , shaking his head. I sighed and sat back down on the couch. I looked at the clock , 7:35 pm . I really could not do anything at this hour , nor in the state where I was now . I showered and went to sleep without bothering to dinner. One day was lost .

  I woke up to the annoying sound of the alarm clock and the smell of pancakes . My whole body ached and I could barely get out of bed . I showered and put on jeans and jacket, both gray with a purple shirt and purple shoes too. I looked at the places where he had been hit and found terrible bruises on his back, arms and knees ugly scratches .
  I grabbed my backpack and threw it on the couch , then I headed to the kitchen where my mother was reading the newspaper. I sat on the bench and started attacking my pancakes when my mother puts the newspaper on the table and points to a headline : ' Attack on Dakota Street' . I looked at my mother, who told me to keep reading .
' Yesterday afternoon , there were reports of residents of the neighboring districts of two acts of violence , the first murder. Sibelle Hillarin was stabbed to death and the body was found in the rubble of the old textile factory a few hours after the crime .
  The second attack was against third year student Serenity Lightwood , who was assaulted by a trio of thugs who have taken over the place. A witness said the girl was almost unconscious and , if not for the siren of the police car , she could have been killed too.
  Still no information on criminals , but police said there was nothing to do because the crimes in that region will not be terminated and recommend not pass there ... '
  I dropped my fork and looked at the news , stunned . How could they know that? I do not identify myself to niguém ... I ran toward the backpack and rummaged through the pockets of the front and saw that my schedule had disappeared . So that's how they found my name and information . Damn ! Well , at least there was something so impotante as my phone or my cards . I looked at the clock , I took the keys to my bike and left home in a hurry, putting the helmet halfway between the garage and the front door .
  So I found my black Ducati ricoheteando and felt the wind on my clothes again , Senit me alive in another time and almost forgot muscular pain . Since the wings could not help my legs and it was impossible , the only option I had left was my beloved bike . I put it in a spot next to the bike Ncholas Helsing and tried to enter quietly but Sabrima came running toward me screaming like crazy :
- Is everything all right ? What those marginal done to you?
- I'm fine, do not worry . Luckily I got more than a few bruises and muscle pain unbearable .
  The bell rang and each went to his room. My first class was literature , and surely I could not be late , otherwise would have serious problems . Luckily , only a few people came to ask me about the incident that happened yesterday and therefore did not call much attention .

  At the end of my shift at the garden club , went to get my bike to go quietly , but I saw that three people were coming and they were Spike , who had some violet bruises on his face and his two followers of colored hair. I climbed on the bike and took the match quickly, just remembering the helmet when he was at full speed , trying to escape the three . However , one of them hit a nail on the back wheel - it was new - and punctured the tire, causing me to lose control and fall . My body hurt even more by the fall, but pulled myself together and kept running .
- You will pay us for what happened yesterday , SERENITY . Because of you, D. gave us a good beating .
- And it was well deserved ! I did nothing against you !
  Spike slapped me in the face and I kicked his shin , but nothing happened . He was still holding me tightly and aggressively . The other two were approaching , but when I saw froze in place .
- Idiots ! What are you doing just standing there? Move!
- S - Spike ...
- What is it?
  When he turned , something hit him squarely in the jaw , causing him to fall to the side. I could not see who it was , but I felt a hand pulling my arm urgently. I ran as fast as possible and saw it was D. again with the same clothes . We turned left and saw my bike ready for a quick getaway . D. sat in front and pulled me to the back .
- You only bring me problems ! - I heard him say over the roar of the wind.
- I'm not guilty ! Appears because you want! - Yelled back .
  He did not answer . Only accelerated and overtook several red lights until we get near my house . He got off the bike without saying anything and went the opposite way. I did not wait long and went to a moderate speed until you get home , hopefully before my mother arrived and no new scratch . I went up to my room and threw my bag down , collapsing into bed and falling asleep suddenly.

  I awoke to the sound of my mom's car in front of the house and went to bathe in order to change bandages . When she came in, saw me doing duty of chemistry, without raising any suspicion . She stared at me and just asked about the whereabouts of my helmet , but said he had forgotten at school and she accepted , only gave me a little lecture about possible accidents and the penalty she would have to pay if the police saw me without a helmet , however , nothing happened that could leave her hysterical and not to take away her patience . I considered telling about Spike and his group , but I thought it important to worry my mother about it . After all , her safety was more important than mine .