Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

11. υη∂єяηєαтн

  Investigations were not progressing much intervention by the authorities and the local expertise . Akira was getting impatient , but had been threatened by government officials tried to shoo the country again investigations . But that was not the real problem . In fact , what bothered him was the lack of evidence to investigate the case . Blade had worked very well this time , it was undeniable, but he had not yet made ​​perfect crime . Some failures could be easily noticed, but that could not be the work of the great Blade .
  She returned to the bedroom and began to examine everything in detail , collecting hairs from the girl, taking pictures of footprints and collecting fingerprints and then analyze carefully each evidence.
  Before you end your turn research , she decided to stop at the station , where only one captured accomplices had not been executed yet. The delegate resisted , but the behavior of Akira let all frightened . The officer left the police entered the cell where the prisoner was sitting in a corner , analyzing strange that he was going in his direction . At first he thought she was stuck too, but noticed the distinctive Polica and squinted .
- You are the Blade accomplice , is not it?
  No answer.
- What do you know about what happened to Erin Takamura ?
  Silence again. Eitor was unwilling to negotiations and made the outside of the cell, indicating the output . Akira , now with blood boiling with impatience, grabbed the boy by the shirt collar and shook him violently .
- Spit it out ! What do you have to lose it? It's going to die anyway , right?
  Eitor hesitated a bit, but sighed , surrendering to the interrogation . After answering all the questions of the police , he was finally alone in his cell , while Akira gathered all the information , they were listed :
1 - Two accomplices were hiding ;
2 - Erin was brought against his will ;
3 - The suspects were from the border , but still within the country .

 After thinking a bit more , Akira went to the hotel where the border again find Blade . She followed his footprints through the land and saw the tire tracks again , going eastward . Police consulted the map in that direction and saw that there was nothing of abandoned areas and without any inhabitant.
- You lost official Shiragawa ?
  Akira looked ahead and saw a boy slightly taller than her wearing black leather clothing , red gloves and with her ​​hair dyed dark gray . She pulled a gun on him and prepared him for any attempt to escape, but the stranger did nothing but raise my hands and put them on the head .
- Who are you ?
- My name is Stephen Wallace .
  The polical looked at him and lowered the gun . He did not seem a threat , could just be a troublemaker in town , but nothing that would merit such concern. Stephen looked at the map in her hands and followed the girl 's gaze and saw where she was looking .
- The east side is heavy , official bar , I suggest you do not go there at night . Things get dangerous .
- I appreciate the consideration but to get that damn Blade paid any price .
  He raised an eyebrow .
- Blade you say? I know someone who knows him .
- Tell soon ! I have no time to lose.
- He is the commander of the east side , called Poison .
- That's all I need to know .