Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 27, 2013

13. ησвσ∂y

  When had flown for more than three hours without rest, Akira felt he needed a little break and slowed down until you find a coffee shop on the roadside , it was empty . The bell that was attached to the door rang and a waiter appeared with apathetic expression, but with the notebook prepared to take the request.
- I want the biggest cup of espresso you have.
  The waiter went to the kitchen and police put the papers on the table to be able to think better . While analyzing , the waiter brought the coffee and disappeared in seconds . Akira took a long sip , enjoying the flavor that started to awaken her senses , making both the mind and the body stay alert again.
  The bell rang the door again, but she did not care who had just arrived . The waiter appeared again , but otherwise excused by the boy, who approached the table where the cop was sitting still and thinking about how those clues could be stuck doing Blade .
- Ah , Miss Shiragawa , as is the investigation going ?
- That's none of your business , now disappear from my sight .
- Hey , no need to be rude , I just want to know how things are going , as well as all around the world.
 - If you must know , wait at home and watch the news, now go away from here.
  Stephen looked at her papers on the table and soon realized the lyrics of one of the papers and gave a slight smile before turning and leaving the cafeteria with the phone in his hands. Akira continued to analyze everything more calmly and , before leaving, asked garçcom on the address that was in the paper they wrote Poison .
- Miss will not be long to find the place .
- Thank you.

  Akira continued the way to the German capital , where Blade was to escape the investigations . The address Poion had given him was in a middle class neighborhood and the hotel was not very big , looked more like a hostel . She came and stood at the counter where a lady was rummaging through some papers . When he saw the symbol of the military police in the clothes , the lady got the most spine erect than a stick and tried not to look frightened .
- Which room is hosted Connor Greene ?
  The woman looked at the records and then did a quick search on the computer before turning attention to Akira .
- I'm sorry , but he left the room where he was five days ago .
- Where did he go ?
- That I can not tell , ma'am Shiragawa forgive me .
  She left without saying anything, but eroding of frustration and hatred. She called Poison .
- Can you explain me what is this bullshit ?
- I do not know what you're talking about.
- How Blade left the hotel you reserved for it ?
- I told you I did not interest me where he was .
  Akira hung up the phone even angrier than before and returned the car to try to collect more evidence of the passage of Blade there, but not econtrou nothing to help her. Nobody saw or even knew he was in the area. She was going through a deserted street when he saw the body of a man on the ground and covered in blood . The polical approached and found that the man who should have between 50 and 60 years old , had recently been murdered by someone she knew well by the letter B in the man's neck . Blade was becoming worse and sickly, what motivated the polical to continue the search . She used the communicator to call an ambulance .
  Approaching the body of the man , she saw a note that was carefully folded in his jacket pocket and kept with the cadaver when he heard the noise near where the ambulance was . When everything calmed down and she was alone , Akira took the paper and saw that it was Blake mark .
' Maybe life very soon loses and who seeks knowledge is very alien looking for your burial . '

  Akira was always cold and expressionless , but something behind those lines made ​​her shiver a little . She knew very well that it was a threat and certainly directed at her. Blade meant it this time and it forced her to leave the memories aside and take up arms for the sake of others . It was sad to have to forget all about her past , but since he had forgotten , there was nothing else to do .