Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

❋ Thirteen

  The days spent crawling , my nerves leading to madness . I do not know what to expect when the day came . Should meet with Djin to retrieve the necklace peacefully or should try to recover it by invading the apartment along with Thomas ? Yes , they are the same person , I know , but each has a different personality and I trust Thomas now . Do not know what to follow and who to believe . D spent regularly at home after school and my mother was increasingly infatuated with him, especially after learning that he became my physical education teacher who lived punishing me with extra exercises after class .

  Soon the day arrived . It was midnight and I still had not slept . I struggled on the bed from one side to the other, but no sleeping . When sleep began to appear , my phone rings and scares my sleep again.
- What will you do?
- I do not know . What are you planning ?
- I can not control Djin , so I need your decision.
  I stopped to reflect a little . If I counted with the help of Thomas , it would be faster .
- Thomas I trust .
- Great . Wait for me after school at the beginning of Dakota Street .
- O.K.
  He hung up and tried to sleep again , but when I started to relax , the damn alarm clock starts ringing. If I had a baseball bat now , surely shatter that thing mercilessly .
  I crawled to the bathroom and then changed clothes . I had coffee and left a little earlier than usual and decided to take a walk . It was a little cold outside and I needed it to cool off .

  The hours dragged on and I was getting anxious and eager . I wonder what we would find ? I could finally get back to heaven ? My time was running out and could not wait for many days . Sabrina barely noticed my agitation , so I could meditate in peace . Nor had lessons with D today so I could get some rest before starting this dangerous mission with him .
  The bell rang and I was the last to leave . D was waiting for me with the clothes and always wore her hair wet , smelling clean. My bike was still for a nearby and he handed me my helmet .
- Come on.
- What? But what my ...
- Does your mother know what we will do , I 've told her everything.
  I felt relieved and called her just to confirm if he actually had talked to her . After everything is in order, I climbed on the bike and D took us to Dakota Street at full speed , but Rosalie appeared in the middle of the street and D crossed the sidewalk, trying to avoid the maximum delay with our plan . We followed along the street and began to notice that the end of Dakota Street was different the last time I went there to go to the city center . The buildings that were still new were in ruins and were completely looted . It was a sad scene, because it was a street that had great movement and great wonders before it happened .
  D gave a sudden stop , and when I realized we were inside a garage . We went down and he motioned for me to enter through the side door of the garage . I went after him and saw that this was to be his home .
  Everything was in perfect order and without any damage . The furniture was of good quality and the house was clean . Discreetly looked mobile and saw no trace of dust somewhere. The dishes were washed and everything completely clinking.
- Not because I am a man I should be rowdy .
  I nodded , surprised. Knew other guys organized , but D should certainly be a perfectionist . He grabbed my backpack and put it on the couch.
- Come on, we have no time to lose.
  I followed him to the door and we walked into the building that was recently abandoned. It really should be a luxury condo , for they had several buildings and a security fence extremely high . Immediately , I remembered the dream I had and felt the goose bumps . D And if you do that to me really? I looked at him quickly and soon the reasons that I suspect it dissipated . He looked around and grabbed my wrist , pulling me into a shadow that was on the other sidewalk.