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Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 6, 2013

❋ Nine

  D and I arrived at home in a snap . I'm sure if my mother had seen it she would have had a fit . He parked on the sidewalk near my mom's car and we went down . As we entered , my mother took a peek to see who it was and when he saw us , opened a smile so bright that I felt fear. Never saw so long ago and it scared me now .
- Glad you accepted the invitation at the last minute , make yourself at home.
- It is a great pleasure to be here , lady Lightwood .
  You can say what you want to D , but he knows how to be a scoundrel increased brand . I 've never seen him so relaxed and so comfortable before. Furthermore , his education with my mother left me seething with rage , and before we get into the kitchen, grabbed him by the arm and looked at him sternly .
- If you make my mother like you, I'll kill you ! Make sure she hates you , you know right?
- I'll try , but ...
- But nothing ! I do not need my mother calling you home for dinner ever!
- I do not guarantee anything, girl, but I hope she likes me yes . - He opened a smug and insidious smile that made me want to shred his face . Now I know how much I hate him and I hate it even more if my mother do sympathize with him .
- Children , dinner 's getting cold , come soon !
  D passed me and my mother greeted cordially , as a gentleman would do and pulled out a chair for her and then at me . I could not contain myself and poked him under the table . He looked at me innocently , pretending not to remember anything of what we speak there seconds ago . Mom ended up serving and started chatting with him and of course his answers left me seething with anger and decided to cash in my anger filet that was on my plate while listening to the conversation .
- So you've finished school ?
- Yes, ma'am . I'm awaiting approval of universities for now .
- What about your parents , how are you?
- Say ... well, they are in a better place .
- They died ? - I could not help asking .
- Daughter, please. - My mother looked at me kind of disapproval .
- Sorry . - Muttered , but I think he heard , for he smiled and continued :
- They died in an accident two years ago when returning from dinner celebrating twenty years of marriage .
  My mother was left with a bleak expression and compassion of a miserable bastard! I swear I'll strangle D when this is all over !
- I'm sorry , my dear .
- Do not feel lady Lightwood . At least I know where they are believed .
- Well , changing the subject , have you had a girlfriend ?
- Mother ! - It was too now , where she intended to go with it ?
  I got up from the table and ' accidentally ' spilled water on his shirt . I pulled it off the table and dragged to the banheito , handing him a towel .
- You want to stop this theater ?
- Oh , it was so fun ... - He looked at me with watery eyes, and with tearful voice . What a great fuck! Bastard ! - Leave just a little longer , Sety , please , you do not want to leave your sad little fellow , is not he?
  I took his hand from my hair and left the bathroom . If I were a cartoon , sure would be smoke coming out of my ears . I had that for a stop to it before it was all downhill , I thought of several plans to stop it , but nothing was as effective .
  The doorbell rang and my mother opened the door . I went to the first rung of the ladder to see who it was .
- Good night , Sabrina .
- Good night , Mrs. L. The Sery around?
- Yes, you are , you can come , I'll call her .
- Thank you.
  I ran away and went into the bathroom where D was and slammed the door .
- Hey , what's up?
- You ! Do not you dare leave here until I tell you, understand? Sabrina , my friend , are here and I do not want her to think that ...
- You are right - he looked at me kind of crying again - You do not like me , is not it? Do not want to embarrass myself in being seen with a person of my level . Okay , Sety , can go , but my soul will be wounded forever, you know?
  I growled and I could not contain myself . That was the end of the world ! If only the common D irritated me , the D actor angers me twice more . I wanted to break something heavy on top of his head to know if this guy silly disappear .
  I left the bathroom and my mother went upstairs , running . Sabrina came right back and his eyes widened as he looked at me.
- Girlfriend , you are red , not purple . What happened ?
- Nothing , nothing happened . I'm fine .
- Your friend is right , Sety , you're not okay . Want a glass with water and sugar ?
  I looked back and slowly D Marines with my imaginary laser beam. Deep breath and counted to ten, but nothing calmed me . Sabrina seen looking intently at D and then grabbed my wrist to my room .
- Serenity Lightwood , you never told me you had a boyfriend ? He is from another school ? An exchange student ?
- No! It is nothing , not even a friend right . My mother invited him to dinner to thank him for having gotten rid of that mess on Dakota Street that day .
  Sabrina looked at me horrified , like I have different pairs of wearing shoes on the feet .
- How can you waste such a chance ?
- What chance ? The chance of him leaving is a bit far from happening .
  I opened the door and left the room. My mom and D were no longer in the hallway . I went downstairs and saw both sitting in the living room sofas still talking . Sabrina was behind me , but I realized that she was focused on D because I stumbled several times in a row .
- Well , I think I 'm going now . Thanks for dinner , Mrs. Lightwood and was a great pleasure to meet you.
- It was a great pleasure to meet you too, Drew . Have a good night . Serenity daughter does not want to accompany your friend to the outside?
  Finished down the stairs and approached my mother quietly .
- What are you doing ? - Whispered to her .
- Go on and do not be rude to him .
  I looked at her with narrowed eyes . Something was not right there and kept myself against the wall, waving to Drew go. Sabrina looked at my mother and pulled me to the door and pushed me out on D. I heard the click of the lock being turned and gave a kick, but only heard giggling inside . I turned my attention to D , who was watching me look silly and growled .
- What are you up to?
- I do not know anything , Sety .
- Stop calling me Sety ! We are not friends for you to talk to me that way !
- You are right , we are not friends . - He approached me to trap me between the door and himself .
- Get away ! You 're invading my space , you know?
- Really? But I have permission for this and so much more . His mother said that I can come here anytime and I can ... How can I tell ...
- Just say and get away from me.
  He smirked and brought his face to mine and I could feel his breath on my face . Ah ! I do not believe they plotted it against me ! My own mother ! I still do not believe it ! And tried to escape by slipping under his arm, but he moved closer .
- I'm not doing anything wrong , Sety , trust me , okay ? - He touched my cheek with his thumb .
- Will there Sery ! - Sabrina was yelling out the window .
  That does not mean anything, right ? All this was nothing more than a bad joke and the sooner I stopped resisting all would be faster , right? Moreover , D would not give up until you get what you wanted.
  I stopped resisting and let D put all the walls I built the floor . I held my breath as if it were taking a bitter medicine and it made laugh D down.
- You'll see it's not so bad , Sety .
  At first , an electric current passed through my body and I was petrified , but then when I felt his lips against my D ended up feeling renewed and stronger . I let him guide me and somehow got in his mind , in his memoirs. That was no ordinary kiss, D was opening his soul to me . But why?
  He wrapped his arms around me and brought me closer to him . From time to time , felt his body shudder and I went further in his memories .