Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

❋ Eight

  The time passed quickly between yesterday and today . It was three- thirty in the afternoon and I was beginning to prepare myself to face D. again and find my necklace seraphim . However , what bothered me the most about it all was the fact that he knows that. Was he one of the agents of Heaven and is there to help me ? Or is it an agent of Lucifer , ready to destroy me ? The second option seems more real, however , showed nothing more than demonic energy that boy with red eyes.
  My mother was concentrated on the couch reading the book written by the philosopher Aristotle called ' Metaphysics ' and tried hard not to make any unnecessary noise.
- Be careful , young lady and do not come too late .
- Huh?
- I heard a part of your conversation with that kid on the phone .
  I felt a shiver down my spine and froze , trying not to get pale .
- How much did you hear ?
- Until the part where he told you to meet him at four o'clock in front of the school , nothing more . What's his name ?
  Surely I should be with cheeks red as a tomato . How could she think that I have something with that guy ? I cleared my throat and realized that my mother was looking for me . When she leaves the book aside to ask me something about boys , is not a good sign .
- His name is D.
- D. ? Looks more like a nickname .
- It is, but nobody knows his name .
  My mother rubbed his chin thoughtfully. If I still know her well say she was up to something .
- And how is it ?
- Remember that kid who brought me here days ago ?
  She nodded , her eyes bright . Red Alert! Red Alert! Escape through the door RIGHT NOW ! My conscious was screaming because when she started with all this talk could only mean one thing very embarrassing ...
- Oh, is it ? A handsome young man by the way ... You could ask him to come here after dinner date with us?
- Well , I do not know if it will ... - Pause for the needy look Mom - ... Alright, I 'll call to warn .
  I walked out the door as fast as I could . I did not want to give the taste for it , but could not disappoint my mother and not lie to her anymore . I climbed on the bike and went full speed to school , according to my watch , I was late .

  Slows down when I saw him coming from behind one of the trees . I stopped next to him and took the helmet , however it was not D. who was there. My last seraphim instincts were stirred and controlled myself not to wince .
- I thought you were not coming over , Sety .
  The scarlet eyes analyzing me from end to end , lingering on my face and being enough to make me uncomfortable. He took one hand from his pocket and held up something I recognize even in the dark .
- My necklace ...
- So you recognize ? Well , I have a secret to tell you also , seraphim Serenity: - he approached me enough that his cool and icy breath touched my face rudely - I'm your worst nightmare , so take care of yourself , girl .
- What about ...
- Oh, that ? You'll see him again soon , but not so soon as well . Meet me in two weeks , before dawn at the end of Dakota Street .
  A strong gust of wind came by and I was forced to cover my eyes so that they would not be filled with sand . When I opened them again , that boy was no longer there .
- Sorry I'm late , I had some problems with Spike and Rosalie again ... Sety ? Is everything okay?
  Just got off the shock when D shook hands in front of my face .
- Who was that guy ?
- That face, girl? There's nobody here .
- He has red hair and red eyes , is tall and was ... - I took a long pause , looking intently D - ... wearing matching clothes to the ... What game is this ? Where is my necklace ?
- Hey, hey ! Wait a minute ... You think I'm with your necklace ? What a crazy idea is that? And besides , have you ever seen a guy with red eyes ? I think you are not well . You hit your head somewhere ?
- No! Well , I do not know ...
- Forget it, okay ? Well , I think I know where your collar , but not sure if still there. At the end of Dakota Street there is a luxury building that was abandoned a week ago and inside one of the rooms a light blue sky was shining at night . I do not remember where I know that, but I know that energy is seraphim .
- And how do you know you're mine ?
  He looked at me with grave and serious look , which made me afraid and wanted to run there. A part of me did not want to hear, but the other half wanted to know all this .
- Because I can see the same light within you , and is getting weaker every day . Do not look at me like that , okay ? I've done part of heaven once.
- What? How so ?
- It does not matter , I guess I spoke too ... Well , if you want the necklace , find me here at the same time in two weeks , okay ? I learned that the person who broke into that building is an important person and will return for another city in two weeks .
- Okay .
  I would not play the dialogue about the dinner that my mother was going to meet him , however , to imagine the excitement it omit it made me feel guilty . I sighed and asked with all the forces he was complacent at this time .
- Well , you ... Have a commitment to today?
- Not that I know , why?
- My mother heard a part of our conversation on the phone and said he wants to meet you , she ... Well , whether you dine at home today.
  I looked at him , waiting for an answer , however , what he did was climb on my bike and start. I put the helmet and held back the metal handles of the bike , because I would not hold me on it at all. D was at high speed until you get home. I hope it all ends soon and the least embarrassing way possible .