Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

❋ Three

  I arrived just in time , when the signal was playing . I flew up to my old closet and grabbed the books of general history. I ran to the room 3 on the first floor , through the people without wasting much time looking at them , but I felt all eyes glued on me . It sure was a big shock , but mysteriously I got my class monitor of the third year , thanks to the power of Oliver, who had medical certificates mysteriously appeared as justification until the day of my visit to the human world , it was twice a month .
  I entered the room just before the Professor Tobias, who was still frowning with air and intolerant , but he was surprised when he saw me taking my seat next to my old friend, Sabrina Mhyr , who was pleased to see me to .
- Glad you're sane again , Miss Lightwood .
  I nodded , a little annoyed by the attention directed at me , but soon , he focused attention to all nocturnal and began to write on the board , leaving some whispers were heard .
- Have you recovered ? There is hoarse ?
- No, thank you for your concern , however , the doctor told me not to talk too much .
- Oh, I see . But do not worry , I have plenty to talk about at lunchtime .

  It was right after school geometry that lunchtime arrived and Sabrina began to talk wildly about some parties , new kids on the basketball team and exchange students who spent the week at school, but none of that mattered to me . The same important for me was to find my necklace as soon as possible and disappear here, because then everything would return to normal and I did not want my old friend get used to my presence again.
- Sery , you are listening to some of what I'm talking about ? Sery !
  I got out of my meditative state to look again to Sabrina , who was glaring at me with his brown eyes with eyeliner .
- Sorry, I was thinking of something else .
- The what ?
- Well .. It's nothing.
- Serenity Lightwood , friends do not have secrets , remember?
  She could always put me against the wall every time I remembered it. And it still works for my unhappiness .
- I. .. I lost my necklace and I can not find anywhere.
- You'll find friendly , do not worry . Once I lost my favorite bracelet and ...
  A new session of chatter started again and I could not concentrate much on the subject. Maybe it was because I was worried , maybe because I could not fit me in this common and carefree life , but I have to adapt myself again, at least until you find my necklace . I hope nothing has happened and that nobody has yet found , but not only do I like the whole balance of Heaven and Earth would be scrapped and many problems would also appear not like thinking about it . However , I felt a part of me glad to be there , so tried my best to follow the conversation .
- ... Also, I have something super awesome to tell you.
  Sabrina was not one of the people who had the most interesting secrets of the world , but even so I turned my attention to what she would say.
- You remember that foreign boy his biology class ?
- Who? Nicholas Helsing ?
  She nodded fervently and her cheeks slightly flushed , but she continued to whisper .
- Himself ; know, since last month we kind of we ... Coils .
- What?
  I think I cried too high because people looked at me amazed , but I sat back down in his chair and poked the dish with noodles as if nothing had happened . Soon, everyone went back to doing what they were doing before I scream. At least I knew my human side was still alive .
- Well, at least I know you're still the same , right ?
- It's ... But how did this happen ? If I remeber, you two hated each other.
  Sabrina began to tell the whole story and it got a little distracted .