Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 20, 2013

6. gσσ∂вyє

  Alan began to lap up the situation in the room and went back inside , to admire the grand spectacle that happen . The many events he had witnessed , this would certainly be epic , as happened when a girl years ago .

  Blade grabbed Erin by the arm and threw her against the wall of the room and then lock the door . The girl did not respond , just buried his head in his hands and began to cry again. If she had not hidden anything for the family , if she had not given continuity encounters none of this would be happening . How would her family ? She did not like thinking about it.
- Alan , can leave if you want.
- Of course not ! This will be an epic event not miss it for anything ! Now I recognize you Blade finally returned to what it was .
- We all need a time to renew the ideas . Well , since you're here , enjoy the show .
  Alan smirked and was enjoying the scene, with his arms crossed over his chest .

- Please Connor , let me go , I swear I will not tell any of this to anyone.
- Hmm .. They all say the same thing , you know?
  Erin leaned against the wall to get to rise and reached a glass that was near her. She flung the glass against Blade in order to make a cut on his face . Alan gasped , because none of them had the audacity to do this until now . Blade touched the wound and invaded by hatred , threw the girl against the window , shattering the glass and causing serious injury on the back of the head of Erin , who fainted by the force of the impact .
  Alan whistled , surprised at the transformation of Bucket. They worked professionally in this business for years and never saw his blonde companion so fierce that way .
- I congratulate you , friend . For a moment , I thought you had changed because of it, but I see that you are becoming a great actor !
- Well, well , enough talk and help me finish the job. Take the blades and stop the car at the exit and entrance for employees , then go here again .
  Alan nodded , smiling , and went down to the car . Blade put the bloody girl in bed and looked at her for a moment . Her breathing was regular , but weak. A hint of regret passed him , but did not last long , because the function in which he submitted whenever required coldness and indifference in all situations . It had to be two things at once , but that was not the problem . Something was wrong , but he did not know what. Was paid to do this and had nothing to complain about .
- I think we should require a helper , I'm not obligated to do so . - Alan complained , bringing the blades - Hey , who is this guy ? Do not tell me ...
- No, I was thinking about how much it will pay off.
- It's gonna make a great amount , do not doubt . If this become a landmark case , surely there will be a bonus .
  Blade did not respond . Picked up the blades and did what had to be done . Erin was dead .
- It's no accident they call you Blade . You are the most agile with these things .
- If you want to be a professional assassin has to adapt to the features it has .
- If your father were here , I think he would be proud of you .
- Do not wanna talk about it . Let's go before the room service arrives.
  Alan handed a towel to Blade , who used to keep the clothes clean from the blood of Erin and jumped the window because there was no time to descend the stairs . Put the girl's body in the back seat and went to the border with Poland . They abandoned the car and torched it, chasing the shadows to avoid being seen .