Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

❋ Ten

  A thick fog blocked a large part of my vision . It was dark and I saw the moon shine through a curtain of white silk , swaying in the slightest breeze of the night . The moon began to enter the window and I could see a single bed with a light blue sheet spread and a small bedside table beside. I heard the sound of shouting and shadows under the door . The doorknob turned and someone was pushed into the room. I looked around , but had nowhere to hide and risked staying in place , looking at the child lying on the ground , rubbing his eyes .
- I hate you ! - Said the child, and realized it was a boy .
- I do not care about , brat ! Shut up and sleep !
  The boy stood up and rubbed his right cheek , walking toward me . Before I thought about diverting , saw when he went straight through me as if I were a ghost . I went towards him and touched , but my hands crossed him. I spoke something in his ear , but he did not hear me . So I was just a spectator .
   The little boy sat up in bed and took a frame under the pillow . Approached me to see and I saw it was a family photo and everyone, including the boy was smiling happily. A few tears fell on the glass and he soon dried . I knelt up to see the face behind all that brown hair and I was speechless . Was D.
  The door opened again and he hid underneath the picture travessero soon he could , but with an old bitter soul took the photo of the hands of D and played the framed pictures on the floor, banging his stick on the glass , making it be shattered . The boy looked all scared and in tears .
- They are dead , forget it!
  D looked for you not to look scared now , but looking angry and got out of bed , with inflated chest and the inflamed nostrils of hatred and rancor. A magnetic pull drew me into the boy's head and saw her last and most painful memories .

  His parents were coming home from dinner and he , excited , ran to welcome . The woman knelt and embraced the boy with a hug , but she falls to the ground , bleeding . D is paralyzed with fear at seeing his mother dead that even league for the blood that is on his face .
  Another body falls to the ground , now deceased . It was the boy's father . D turned pale with fear and remained on the floor , looking alternately to the mother and father , whose bodies were in puddles of blood and rolling eyes , indicating death . He looks up and sees the same old with a knife in his hands and staring at the little boy demonic look .
  He stood up awkwardly and ran through the rooms of the house , looking for a safe place to hide . Found a closet that was in the basement and stayed there , suspending his breath , waiting for the killer disappeared from there so he could get help.
  A long time has passed and something warm and bright transfixed wood cabinet . Fire. The murderer , impatient , set fire to the mansion that D could come out of hiding , but did not. He remained there, enduring the pain that the fire caused him to consume her small, frail body . He closed his eyes and started mumbling some prayers awkwardly and I saw an archangel of the Order - Daniel - saved from the flames and carried the boy to the fluffy white clouds , where the other archangels .

  They should have spent a few years and was D with golden wings on the back and laughing like a happy child , but to look at a black mirror, begins to remember everything that happened .
  Consumed by a thirst for revenge, D makes a pact with Lucifer and lose your angel wings , just to be able to take revenge on the murderer of his parents . However , the plan did not work as planned and the old captured the boy , keeping him prisoner.

  I went back to the first scene and saw the boy change his physical appearance for a cold and heartless person . His hand was closed into a fist and bloody old and fell with a wound at heart . Thereafter , D ran out of the house and thunder roared loudly, bringing the figure of Lucifer himself.
- Dakota Thomas , you honored your covenant with me and now I give you the gift of an agent of darkness . However, when death comes, you will wander forever in the memories of his revenge . From now on , you will Djin , the demon will have two facets .