Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

❋ Eleven

  D let me slowly hug , but I was completely shocked and petrified . I looked at him , not knowing where to start or what to say . He really suffered a lot and I did not believe him . I felt guilty at the same time and I leaned on the door not to crumple to the floor. He held me put me sitting on my bike .
- So that's why everyone you know as D , is not it?
- Yes, when people knew my name , went from me and condemned me , so I started using the name Drew to justify the nickname D.
- I 'm sorry for your family and for you . Forgive me for suspecting you .
- It does not matter anymore and you do not want to be unhappy because of me . So recognize you as a seraph and I want the bottom of my soul to help you recover the necklace ...
- But you can not by the power of Lucifer , is not it?
  He nodded , leaning back in my mom's car and took a long , deep sigh . Silence fell on us and became unpleasant. I tried to start a conversation either , but nothing lasted more than three seconds . I do not know what to say nor what to do , until he came near me .
- Are you still willing to trust me ?
  I nodded . It was true that half of him wanted to destroy me , but another half wanted to help me . He reached out to me and I accepted it support the bike and I stood up , still staggering . We stopped in front of the entrance of my house and he opened the door for me . Before leaving , I decided to finally ask :
- Why when you ...
- Easy if you took a part of my memory, you'll remember seeing me in Heaven as an angel .
  I nodded .
- When I made that pact with Lucifer did not lose all the power that the Order of Archangels gave me so I can control myself as human. You sentu strong because absroveu a part of this power.
  I was shocked . If I knew that would never have let him do it . I do not want him to leave the human being because of me and not him to suffer the punishment of Lucifer for helping me .
- What is it?
  I did not answer . I swallowed my pride and stepped forward . D did not pull away and stared at me with confused look . I know there are a few moments I hated - and still hate a bit - but after learning about his past began to see it with new eyes and realized that he does not deserve so much hate as it seemed at first. My mother and Sabrina had their eyes glued on me, but said nothing . I opened my arms and hugged D the most caring and kind way that I could .
  He did not react and it made me feel like an idiot . I started to retreat , but he wrapped his arms around me again and rested her chin on top of my head . I felt my face heat up, but soon returned to normal temperature. Did not trust him so far, but I began to feel safe after that hug. He had never felt anything like it , it was like we were brothers .
- Do not worry about me , okay ? We'll get your necklace and you will go back to being what it was.
- Thank you.
  He smiled and pulled me gently.
- You know where to find me . If you need me , I am always ready to help you. Just do not make any more triumphal entry , ok ?
  I could not restrain a smile and he kissed my forehead before leaving . My mother smiled with pride and Sabrina screamed like crazy , excited by the revelation that my mother did to her. I closed the door and went upstairs to the room .
- Serenity has a boyfriend ! Serenity got a boyfriend !
  I looked at her angrily , but did not last long after my mother joined her. So they say , you can not beat the enemy , join him. I joined in embrace together with his eyes watering with happiness. He was not my boyfriend , but I meant something more to me.