Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

8. αkıяα sнıяαgαωα

  Akira Shiragawa formed her career as a detective and federal agent in Japan for five years. Since little was inspired by the mother, who was a cop and father who served in the army . After they both died by a man known as Markus attacks , at the time a criminal hideous experience , Akira endeavored to join the police and , early in career , Markus managed to find and this one was sentenced to death . With that, she could be promoted quickly and became known as the most severe woman who has entered the police today. She was not afraid of anything and has traveled to many countries to do research contract with some other governments . Even has worked on numerous cases involving Blade , and has always been very close to arrest him , but never managed to complete his goal .
- Akira Shiragawa .
  The polical nodded attentively to every detail . Turned on the TV and saw the news of the new Blade attack .
- It would be a great pleasure to take care of this case for you . I'll be there to gather more information in thirty minutes .
  She looked at the name on the screen with determination Blade . This time you do not escape , she thought .

  Akira Takamura arrived at the house of the agreed time and started doodling on papers that were on the drawing board everything that was said by the family .
- Very well . That's all I need. I will travel to Germany tomorrow morning .
- How can you be sure that it happened there?
  The policeman lowered his glasses and gave a predatory smile.
- Blade 's favorite place to commit murder is on the border of Germany . Also , if you pay more attention to the images, it is possible to view the brands of tires in Germany. Well , have a nice day .

  Blade not changed at all . Despite not having acted on for several months , he came back strong . In all cases , it was the second most spoken and it needed to have an end . The days of his murdered were numbered and she would get revenge , for he knew Blade in a way that no one else knew . If there was anyone who could capture him without using force , this one was Akira .
  She packed a small suitcase and booked their ticket to the next flight to Germany , would happen the next morning .