Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 16, 2013

2. αłσηє

  Erin Tamakura was a third year student of one of the most prestigious schools in Japan She was little known , despite belonging to one of the most influential families . Students made ​​fun of her and a group in particular made ​​her feel inferior. Erin tried to compensate Negligence insults and being the best student of the school , however , was still little and nothing could make students see themselves what was behind the rumors . They saw only two people that Erin really was. One was his childhood friend , Saki Korato , and the other was his friend since elementary school , Kirihiro Sato .
  Even with the great support of his family and friends , Erin was not even a tenth happy to be alive and have everything he wanted . She felt a huge void in your heart and in the depths of your soul . Always before returning home , she sat on a bench of a park away from school reflecting on everything that happened day after day in your life .

  The gentle breeze of early autumn passed lazily where Erin was . The wind , which was carrying some leaves already dyed brown and orange danced around the girl , stroking her hair and disappearing as fast as appeared seconds later , as even the very phenomenon of nature realized that nothing could erase the sadness that came from within her and left the hostile air and nuisance .
- Why does everything have to be so? Why am I here?
  Erin sobbed with no control over her tears . The real reason for its existence was something that bothered her and that was a icógnita for her . Why everyone cared so much for making her feel excluded and lost ? Why they wanted it was always out of everything ?
I wanted to die , so everything would end . Erin said to herself .
- Can I help you with something , young lady ?
  She stood up, frightened and astonished . Before her , a man with sunglasses and with completely covered body was standing a few feet away . He sat on the bench , took off his glasses and looked at her with sparkling blue eyes of tenderness and kindness . So we looked at it , Erin sat back on the bench , but without saying anything . The young man began a conversation and she was just getting carried away by the kindness and attention for him everything she had to say .
  The time passed quickly with that casual conversation and she prepared to leave, but remembered something during the dialogue she had not asked , and he also failed to mention , perhaps have forgotten or perhaps because he expected her to cared to know .
- I'm sorry , but I forgot to ask one thing : what is your name?
- My name is Connor . Connor Greene.
- I'm Erin and Takamura was a great pleasure talking to you . When can I talk to you again?
  Connor smiled right touch of shyness .
- I will always be here waiting for you if you need a listener , but I want to keep this between us, ok ?
  She nodded and looked back one last time and smiled . Erin ran home , however , happier than could be . Was granted the fact that she did not know him , however if he claimed to be always there to hear it , why not trust him ?