Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 23, 2013

9. ρσłıcє ƒσяcє

  Investigations began in both countries and some suspects were being held . Blade was safe in a luxury condo in the German capital and was amused by the reports about the investigation. Alan was with him , but not amused with the facts , especially after seeing that two accomplices were caught and executed .
- Blade , do not you think we should get out of here ? It's only a matter of time before they find us .
  Blade laughed , sprawled on the couch of the apartment . It actually felt safer than it was , otherwise I would not be so quiet .
- Theme just for you , Alan . Nobody ever took me until today .
- But it was very close . Remember that Japanese Shiragawa ?
- She was lucky , nothing more.
  He got up and went to the kitchen . Alan continued watching the news closely and was the first who saw the testimony of the family of the dead girl.
- Blade , I think this will interest you. Takamura are giving the interview.
  Blade left the kitchen and stood next to the TV , with a smile , but did not remain fixed throughout the sentimentality of them .
- And what will you do now ? - The reporter asked .
- Hired a senior police officer here .
  The boy turned and resumed his attention to the conversation . What they intended to do now ? Erin was dead and there was nothing else to do . Why not just quit ?
- And who hired you ?
- I'm on the case now . - Akira was going to go to the airport and said , to the surprise of the spectators and the reporter - I do not want any other kind of police force involved in this. Blade is my prey and I want to have the pleasure of taking him to execution.
- Well , a message?
- Watch it , Blade . I have broken blades or my name is not Akira Shiragawa .
  Blade turned off the TV and took a hard punch on the wall.
- Again it ! - He growled , but quickly composed herself - if she wants to play , that is . Alan , will you help me with this .
- How ? I will not get involved in that , she has determined sensor and I do not want to pass this for the better anytime soon.
- If you obey me , none of us will somewhere and I 'll be happy to get rid of that nasty cop. When it arrives , we will begin by the plan into practice . Call Feng , we need it .
  Alan looked Blade movements , which was static looking beyond the window , thinking in developing the plan . Certainly he was born to be a professional killer and could do no better . What they tried to imitate him often wasted time and their lives , or because they were caught by the police or because the true Blade executed them in cold blood. Even though he is feared, cold and calculating , Alan had known him for years and always acted together . He did not catch what the friend actually planned , but it should be something big and fatal.
  The blades that were on the wall above the bookcase with television glowed a bloodthirsty way , so as to seem to comprehend what happened and want to shred Akira soon. Alan shivered and looked at the list of contacts by telephone Feng , another notable assassin, but serving other different branches of the Blade . Feng killed people for fun and for some reward and Blade made ​​by cash only and exclusively by money. He did not like to submit to anyone but Blade not following orders , did what he wanted and when he wanted to whoever paid you more .
- Hey , Blade ! Feng said he will not come.
- What? Give me the damn phone!
  Alan threw the device and the blade got nimbly .
- What is this plummet ?
- Well , I deserve a break .
- I do not want excuses, you will either want to or not .
- Blade , Blade ... Looks like you have not changed anything, is not it? Well , I think there is a vacancy in my schedule . What I need to do ?
  Blade gave the necessary instructions and Feng smiled across the line, willing to give up their clearance to cooperate. The great plan would begin soon.