Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, December 9, 2013


  The next day , Sabrina could not stop talking about D and what had happened , which gave me a lot of work to contain it . The day was common and lunch too, but Sabrina as much as I saw something unprecedented happens .
  Dressed in sports clothes , D entered the coffee shop and came toward us . Students looked at him curiously , but nothing has shaken his confidence heading to where we were.
- But what ...
- I'm your new physical education teacher for some time .
- How so ? They employ any over 18 ?
- It seems that my resume approved . - He winked - See you in a bit .
  Snorted . Had completely forgotten about the physical education class and had eaten more than you should . I left the plate aside and prayed that everything would be digested in just ten minutes . Sabrina nudged me and I looked at her.
- How did he get here professorship ?
- This I also wanted to know .
- At least your average in this area may increase slightly .
  I nodded . I hope he gives me some extra credit because no teacher that area never sympathized with me . I was tense and worried , doing exercises in front of the other students was embarrassing, but join it to the attention of D in my movements was much worse and I did not think about it ahead of time , but could not avoid .

  The time has come. Sabrina went to the locker room and changed clothes along with the other girls , who were gossiping about D and how he looked good in a tank top . I did not support their decision mentally, for me D was much better with the dark clothes he usually wore .
  We went to the gym and he was waiting for us with a clipboard in hand and looking at the roles that were trapped in it . So we all sat down , he looked at each of us , not take me any time. I felt relieved by his professionalism and started to get more relaxed .
- Very well , as I still do not know the performance of each one, ask that the names I call come over here and I will give basic commands of exercise. Whoever does in less time is relieved of upcoming activities during the week and one that will take longer to meet me extra credit after school .
  The other girls were busy and I could hear plotting are late to be with D. I, on the other hand , wanted to be the fastest to get free of this torture week. He called name by name and rigidly cronometrava time of each, noting the clipboard . Before I knew it , I was already in my time.
- Miss Lightwood - he called indifferently .
  I stood up and waited for instructions . He looked at me and shook his head , denying any possibility for me to go that route as well .
- Miss Lightwood , think you can afford to do this ? According to the records , your health goes unstable .
- I'm better.
- Well, let's begin: I want five laps around the court starting now.
  I started running awkwardly , but then I could stabilize my speed . To my disappointment , the speed of the seraphim was gone a lot and I had only 15 % power before , which precluded me from running much faster . When I was coming to the end of the fifth lap , D yells another statement.
- I want fifty abdominal and then climb that wall .
  Snorted . He thought I was what? I lay on the mat and did the abdominal soon as I could. I got up and ran to the wall, which was on the other side of the gym . It had at least four feet tall and I had to get to the top and descend rapidly .
  It was a great challenge . I was tired and my body was not cooperating with me too . I almost fell numerous times , but in the end I managed to climb . Once upstairs , down was easier . I jumped in and stopped walking , to my relief .
- Very well . You can go take a shower and get changed in the locker room , then come back here .
  I nodded and did what he said quickly. I sat back down next to Sabrina and were hoping to finish the rest of the exercises and take showers. So we were all there, D analyzed the time of each and said bluntly :
- Well , Ausitn McGroudy are free of me for this week .
  Austin could not contain himself and gave a cry of celebration ;
- Now I will have the company of Miss Serenity Lightwood after school .
  I widened my eyes . How ? I saw that there were people who were slower than me, how they saved it? I fixed my eyes on D , but he showed indifference and dismissed us when the time expired .

  At the end of class , I called my mother and told her that I would delay fault D and changed clothes again . I tied my hair in a ponytail and went to the gym. He was examining some papers , but stopped when he heard me coming.
- What does that mean ? People were slower than me!
- I know .
- Then why did you say it was me?
- Because you have to train more . Those who were slower than you tensed , but had sufficient physical conditions . His time was good, but his fitness is weak . Come over here .
  I went down the stairs of the grandstand and was close to him .
- See that rope?
  I looked up and saw a bell tied on top of her. I swallowed and felt a shiver down my spine . As ridiculous as it is, I have a certain fear of heights when it came that year . I returned my gaze to D.
- I will not do that . I'm afraid .
  He could not control his laughter .
- You were a seraphim and afraid of heights ?
- Well , as ridiculous as it is, yes .
- So we have to work on your fear first. Climb on the bench .
- What?
- Climb on the bench .
  I obeyed , hesitant and waited for the next recommendation.
- Now jump .
  Jumped. Easy. What he wanted with it .
- Climb that wall again.
  Subi . My hands were shaking a bit . At that altitude I could still survive, but was uncomfortable .
- Skip .
  I jumped and the goose bumps came along .
- Now climb the rope .
- But ...
- If you are not afraid of the wall you can climb that rope . Now . That's an order .
  My body shook with the idea . The rope was still higher than the wall and it made me scared. I grabbed the rope and began to climb . I closed my eyes not to be curious to know how high I was on the floor.
- Open your eyes , Lightwood ! I want to see your blue eyes wide open .
  I risked opening an eye . Was still close to the ground . I opened the other and looked up , determined to ring the bell . I forgot for a moment of time , but my body said I was too tall and felt falter for a moment . Lost the support of one foot and almost fell , but managed to compose myself . From the top , I listened to the motivation of D and that gave me some strength . I figured that was going up into the clouds and my fear began to fade away . I was just a few meters from the bell and now nothing would prevent me from getting to the end. You 're not scared , I said to myself , you can win this. I rang the bell and looked down . At first , I was dizzy , but I let my fear aside when I saw D there.
- D ! D !
- I'm here .
  I looked ahead and saw D on the other side of the rope , smiling .
- How do you ...
- It is one of my skills . I'm proud of you .
  I smiled , happy with my progress , but D was not satisfied .
- But do not think that's it . We have much to train ahead , girl , tomorrow is Saturday, you can rest .
- I hope I get a good extra credit for it .
- I'll think about your offer ...