Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3. Secrets

  Erin came home more radiant - and delayed - than ever in her life . Her parents were waiting for her outside the house , as usual, however , the girl's father was frowning and mother overflowing with concern look. The girl gulped , but still could not undo the smile that was on her face .
- What took you so , young lady ? We were worried .
- Sorry , found a woman carrying lots of shopping and decided to help her . She lived on the other side of town and ended up slowing me down .
- That explains his smile . Now let's go , it's time for coffee.
  They entered and the girl felt no pang of regret for lying . Rather, it felt more powerful and independent thinking that what was done was a celebrated act. We all know that was not , however , can not be disputed .

  The meetings with the man of Erin were repeated daily and not to delay further , they talked as they walked toward her house , however , before reaching the corner, the escort girl said goodbye and took the opposite path . The days followed Takamura and noticed a significant change in her actions , which invented lies to be able to revise the stranger in the middle of the afternoon to be able to walk. He was mysterious , no doubt remained , but the girl was happy and loved by someone else than his own family. They exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch for secret messages or calls.

  The months were dragging and then Erin celebrated her eighteenth birthday . The celebration was not big , only for the family and for the two girl friends . She was happy for all that, however , when he thought of all that were present made ​​her feel incomplete . Missing someone else and that someone was called Connor Greene . It really was a shame he could not be there. Think blue eyes and gentle smile that made ​​her eyes marejarem , however , she swallowed the crying was restricted throat and continued to celebrate with other people important to her .
  When it was over and she helped parents to clean up a small mess Her parents went to buy it at a special dinner restaurane a bit far away . Erin went to her room quickly , as did a few times and locked the door . Reached the phone on the bed and dialed a number that was first in her phonebook .
- Good evening , my dear Erin and happy birthday .
- Good night , Connor , and thank you .
- How was the celebration ?
- Everything went well, but wish you were here too .
- I'm really sorry for that, my princess , is that I've been busy with a few things all day . Tomorrow I promise to do something to make up for it , okay ?
- Sure , it's great ! Where are we going ?
- That I can not say , but to spoil the surprise . Are your parents home?
- No, they went to the restaurant to seek special dinner , why?
- For anything, just wanted to come over power congratulate you and look after you . I'll be there in five minutes .
  Erin hung up the phone and ran to the bathroom to take a shower and lightning change. Just as she finished drying the hair , the doorbell rings . The girl runs to meet .
- Well , there were not many options now , hope you like it.
- It's beautiful , and cute too .
  She embraced the little Pikachu plush and took Connor by the hand , guiding him to her room . Erin looked at the clock . There were still more than half an hour to reach her ​​parents . Would have plenty of time to be together. Connor closed the door and stood with his blue eyes fixed on her .
- Why are you so tense? I've never seen you like this before .
- It's nothing, my love . - He came near her and hugged her tenderly kissed the top of her head .
  Erin closed her eyes and let Connor remained embraced for her. Even if he was a complete stranger , she felt happy and safe with him . She had never kept a secret in life, but this was worth it.