Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

10. sтαят α ƒıgнт

  Akira landed a few hours later at the same airport where Blade and Erin landed before. And it was there that the police started the investigation . Nobody knew anything about passing them around, because the time she arrived was different from theirs . It was a good start , but she moved on to the center of medical expertise .
- Sorry , but we can not provide this information .
- Why not? You know who I am ?
- Yes, ma'am Shiragawa , but we have no release.
  She leaned on the counter and an intimidating way stared at the receptionist.
- Did you follow the news today ?
  He nodded .
- And what I said ?
- That the lady took the investigation.
- So ...
  The boy gulped and printed information that expertise could . She took a quick look and left the papers on the counter . Everything she knew , so it was useless carry it . He decided to go to the hotel of the border , where the data were collected to look for clues .
- Well , we recently filed a reservation in the name of Connor Greene this time , lady, nothing more .
- What was the fourth ?
- 483 .
- I want the keys to investigate .
- But the expertise ...
- I do not care about the expertise! I'm on the case now !
  The girl took the keys to Akira and she rose , carefully analyzing every inch of the door before opening it . She put gloves and began to inspect the room. Sengue was in bed and windows that were with broken glass . There was not much to see there, so she looked out the window where tire tracks marked the lawn. The police jumped out the window and stopped near the car brands , which had scuff marks and some blood trail .
- It seems that whenever we find ourselves is not , Hunter ?
- Do not you dare tell my old nickname , Blade . You do not have enough credits to me since that time.
- Do you still hold a grudge that? Were children , for God's sake , Hunter !
- I told you not to call me that !
  Akira drew her gun and shot at him .
- You missed ... - Blade looked at the hole in the wall to less than two inches from his head and smirked - ... And it was on purpose.
- It would be funny so you end up with . I want to have the pleasure of seeing you being led to the electric chair .
- I do not count on it if I were you ... On the contrary , I think you should be careful where you walk . The person who is first in my blacklist is you, you know ?
- Surprise me if I was not . It's a shame that you have followed his father's footsteps and become so ...
- Skillful ? Professional ? Incredible?
- I think the right word would be disgusting .
  Blade approached her and grabbed her chin.
- You do not fool me wanting to play the tough , Hunter . I admit I think so too , but I can not conspire with enemies if you give it up and join me , we can start again .
  Akira pushed him away and kept walking following the tire tracks of the car . Blade got up and stood beside her a few minutes later the . It was turning into an interesting play and test the nerves of the toughest girl of Japanese would be rewarding , especially because they knew a lot longer than everyone knew there and already had something in common .