Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

❋ Eighteen

  All the archangels were willing Order in court . Daniel was the center at the highest chair, looking at us with cold and sharp as a blade look . Nora looked at me with joy and pride, which left me deeply wounded . I thought she was my friend , but I guess I was wrong bitterly. I looked away from her and looked around . It seemed that all the angels were gathered to see our judgment . D shuddered and seemed to do the same , but I was not sure . Zeo indicated two empty chairs at the side of the archangels . We sat and all the angels were silent when Daniel got up and spoke.
- Thanks for coming . After many years , we are present to this court , unfortunately , punish our own race . Our Father is not happy about it , but it is with His permission that I start this audience .
  Castiel was time to take the floor .
- Resumed the charge of treason on one of the seraphim Oliver Willows by making alliances with Lucifer , attempted murder and subtraction of powers of companions .
  The whispers started everywhere and ended when one of the archangels brought Oliver warriors chained to the neck to the court . All eyes were fixed on him and saw the archangels of the Order discussing what would be his sentence . Daniel nodded and whispered something to an angel and he disappeared from the room , bringing with him a stick and placing it at the disposal of the warrior archangel.
- Oliver , from now on , you are no longer deemed a seraph and all its powers will be removed . You will be banished to hell and remain there without the right to return to the kingdom of the Father
  Oliver saw him swallow , but he had not lost his arrogance in his eyes. His wings began to degenerate slowly until there was nothing left . I felt that his powers were fading and he soon became an ordinary human . The crowd was apprehensive until Nora took the first speaks .
- And , as a final result , Oliver will receive fifteen ablaze with light whip , so weigh the scars on his soul .
  The bat in the hands of the warrior archangel turned into a whip of fire . Oliver was with an eye to the center of the court , in the direction of Daniel , but nothing happened . The first blow was applied , and he came not no crying Oliver . For someone who became human , he was tough, but after the sixth stroke , tears wetting his face . I looked at D and he nodded .
  Before the eighth blow, the whip curled forearm D , but caused no serious injuries . Knelt and offered support for Oliver , who accepted , but was too weak to get up . The astonishment of all present was visible and saw Castiel staring at me reproachfully . I ignored the look and concentrated on Daniel .
- Do not you think that's enough ?
- Come out and resume their seats .
- We will not leave. As much as he has done unforgivable acts against the laws of this place , think being banished to Hell is the worst of punishments . - D began, convinced his words .
- You can not go against the laws of our Father Come back or be accused of treason and suffer along with it .
  None of us moved . Looked at each other and looked at Oliver, who was still crying , her face hidden in her hands . I got up and looked at all the angels that were there.
- Daniel , you said at the beginning of this hearing our Father gave him permission to conduct this trial , but I believe he should not be happy with your decision . I'm sure someone as great and as compassionate as He would not accept such punishment. Losing the powers and be exiled in hell as a human is already a great burden , as D said , because it will now carry the guilt with him forever .
  Daniel rose from his chair and squinted .
- How you have the audacity to refer to the feelings of the Father as if he knew ? You are the last that should say it .
- I do not need to know him so well , because we know that He always forgives everything we do wrong. Surely you already know that a nuisance for Oliver because he will live to be unable to light again . We have to protect and advise so that mortals do not do anything wrong and when they do, our mission is to save them , regardless of whether or not they believe in us , is not it?
  He nodded , as if he understood where I was going. Deep breath and continued .
- If our nature is to help everyone in need , even being right or wrong , why are stopped seeing one of us be punished ? Receive all deserve a trial , but the assault will not erase everything we did . The crimes will haunt us forever and this is the greatest punishment we can bear . So if quisem punish me , I am ready to be punished too.
  All eyes turned to Daniel . He closed his eyes to think and D approached me , putting a hand on my shoulder to comfort me . Oliver stood up and hissed a 'thank ' . I smiled at him , because even with the crimes he committed , being whipped is not punishment even to Lucifer, who is responsible for the bad things . For a moment , I forgot about the trial , but Daniel opened his eyes again and made a nod for them to take Oliver away. When he left, all the attention was concentrated on D and I , we had disrupted the trial.
- You two blocked this trial to save a traitor , which is unforgivable . However , you remember the true function of angels and compassion of our Father not afraid to receive no punishment for what they did and that's admirable. We were preparing the punishment of you , but after that we'll think of something better. - He finished with a smile .
  Nora started talking again , with a huge smile . So she knew what would happen and why was smiling at me . I returned the smile , realizing that she has always been my friend .
- The punishment will be removed and , with the permission and honor the Creator , you both will receive a new and higher nearest station of the Father
- We are proud to create a new class for those who have mercy and solidarity at the heart and also try to keep the peace and avert violence with courage . From now on , you belong to a new class known as Diplomacy .

  Something hot and blue wrapped my body , making my wings fall asleep . I looked around and saw that D was covered by a light the same color as mine. I closed my eyes and let the light coming over me , bringing more power and a great sense of peace .
  Everything turned out faster than I expected . I looked around and was still in court with the Order D by my side. Our eyes widened at the same time to look at the wings of another. The D were golden , but with a hint of blue at the top and was twice the previous size . I wondered what would be mine, until a mirror appeared in front of us .
  I was amazed with what I saw . My wings were white but with blue on the bottom and a few millimeters smaller than D , but were still higher than the wings of archangels or even the Order of the Seraphim . Everyone was smiling at us and then started clapping . My cheeks burned , but I did not care . I looked at D and he also smiled and applauded . I joined the crowd clapping , knowing that we had done what was right .

  I looked up and saw the smiling face of Theos . Now I was not a seraph , I was something more important to the world along with who it was important to me .
  I was a diplomat.