Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

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  In road linking Poland to Germany , during the early dawn , a white Tahoe was speeding . Inside the vehicle , a man in dark clothing and sunglasses driving the car with one hand while holding a handgun current model pointed to a girl with her face and clothes covered in blood and mud . A storm was coming and there was nothing that offered a momentary shelter there.
  He was impatient and soon the Tahoe was running at full speed until he saw the approaching target . When they were already within the boundaries of Germany, the first thing the man saw was a hotel . There could be considered a five star hotel , but maybe four .
  The girl who was losing consciousness was inside the car while the Tahoe conudutor provided a room to spend the night . Luckily - or not - there was only one room available that was on the seventh floor . She was roughly guided by the boy , and when she stepped in the room , he pushed and locked alone inside.
  Having the girl trapped and no escape options , he again went up the driveway and drove the Tahoe to the border again and fired it , causing not a trace was left of what had happened previously .
  He returned to the hotel on foot and when he entered the room , he saw that the girl was trying to force one of the windows to escape .
- Did you really think would get away ?
  The girl had been thrown against the wall violently and his head collided with such force that red spots took care of her vision, she was also blurred by the tears of fear and guilt . She sat on the floor and his body refused to obey her.
  The man approached and grabbed her by the hair curly whose color was not set by blood and wet earth of Poland . She no longer tried to defend himself , because his end was near and only a miracle would allow her to escape alive from that situation . On second thought , until she preferred to die rather than stay with this trauma the rest of her life .
- Please ... Stop ... - She whimpered , as weak and choked voice by crying .
  He did not answer , just dropped the girl and allowed it to lie in bed in the hotel to sleep . This was not one of the best attitudes to do, but it was better than looking for it or suffer more than was suffering .

  A few hours later to make sure she was really asleep , the man lit a candle on a table that sat on the bed and opened the windows . He took one last look at her and went out , locking the door and throwing the key into the street when out the back door , which was restricted to those employees .
  When he was three meters away , he heard the desperate cries of the girl who was being imprisoned him and saw the flames take over the room with incomparével verocidade .
  The girl's body was being consumed by the flames of this dying candle and asking for help but no one came to her aid . His body was burning slowly , until only charred bones remained . The hotel staff called the German authorities , but it was too late . The girl was dead , destroyed the room and the killer had fled into the country with a false identity and shape the people who supported him .

  The room was restored months after the fact , however , the people who stayed in that room disappeared overnight and were found days later dead with strangulation marks and burns on arms, legs and face. When not disappeared , were found dead inside the apartment also with strangulation marks and signs of possible intoxication was caused by highly toxic substances from federal control .
  Several cases occurred involving one of these types of death and the hotel was not so sought after. Even those who were not in that room they feared for their lives and those who risked there avoided the room that was the scene of a tragic death .

 If you are staying in hotel White Moon , stay away from the seventh floor . But mostly , stay away from that room ...

... The room 483 .