Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

❋ Fourteen

  The D was heavy breathing on my neck and made the hairs on my neck stand on end . We were still on the outside of the condo and do not know for what reason , D stood motionless and looked around carefully. I was not seeing anything .
- Go slowly and without walking out of the shadows and only stop when I say .
  I nodded and began to walk slowly up the building without understanding why so much care . Probably there was no one around except the two of us , however , I could not question what he had in mind .
  We walked for a few meters , always hidden in the shadows until D tells me to stop in front of a metal door that was getting rusty over time. He took a key from his pocket and opened the door with an almost silent click. A part of me was relieved by the fact that we need not climb those security bars . The door closed behind us and everything went dark , except for a little light escaping beneath a door ahead. I tried to open and also was locked.
- Everything here is locked and I have the master key , do not worry .
  Pulled back and let him do the work . Soon , we were in a rather sweeping staircase and leading to other floors. The characteristics of the place, that should be the entry for employees who worked in the kitchen and cleaning.

  After many endless flights of stairs, D stopped in front of a door which indicated the sixth floor and opened with the master key , revealing a dimly lit hallway with rooms. Walked with the utmost care possible. All the way just felt a lot of adrenaline in my body , but now I feel a few pairs of eyes on us. D stopped and pushed me down the aisle when something began to move in the shadows .
- Go to the last room on the right and do not stop . Close the door when entering.
  I have not had time to protest because three dogs appeared and stared in a predatory manner . One salivated and other snarled , but everyone was staring D and all the moves he did, I looked at him and when I got a positive nod, started walking back, not taking his eyes of dogs, whose movement eyes ranged between D and I constantly. One of them slipped and the others followed , but soon Djin took over the body of Thomas and the dogs had great difficulty . I do not want that to happen , but had no power to calm the dogs and never got anything from them besides various growls enquando was human . So the only option left was to run to the room .
  When I started to gain speed , one of the dogs came towards me and sank his sharp teeth into my shin. Stumbled and staggered but did not fall . Once the animal dumped me , kept running and opened the bedroom door with difficulty, but closed shortly thereafter before taking another bite . I slid down the wall next to the door and tried to use what little power I had left to cure me of the dog bite , but it worked . I was losing blood and there was nothing there that could be used to stop the bleeding and it prevented me from standing for, besides the blood , the pain was becoming unbearable.

  D came shortly after and was already as a human again. He turned on the lights , I had forgotten to light and saw me sitting with her hands on the ankle .
- I think I'll have to change my plans extra lessons for you, some classes of racing would go well .
  He went to a drawer and pulled out a bandage , band and what appeared to be an antiseptic liquid. I grimaced as he passed where alcohol was injured but all passed quickly as he finished bandaging my ankle .
- Is that better?
- A little. - Lied . Was hurting too , but it was not the time to worry him .
  Unable to stand and follow D limping about the room, which was great. I stopped when he stood before a beige cabinet . He opened the door and rummaged until he found what he wanted and asked me to sit on the bed . I sat and he sat beside me , but allowing one could see the other's face clearly.
- I think you should open .
  I held the box made of mahogany that smelled of varnish and stared at her for a long time .
- What are you waiting for?
  D touched my shoulder and I opened the box once, as a dressing and my eyes were bright and my body got tougher . I removed the object from the bottom of the box and smiling like a fool .
  Finally found my necklace .