Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

12. ρσısση

 Akira followed on her motorbike halfway up the east side , where several people began to see strange kind of wandering the streets . Lighting poles broken and defaced buildings were frequently seen and looks young people turned to the policeman, who braked sharply when he saw a shadow in the street in less than three meters.
- Do you want something ?
- Do you know where I can find Poison ?
  The girl laughed and then pulled herself together . The smile faded from her face to give rise to a serious expression .
- Are you sure this is what you want? He does not like cops , even if they are not here .
- Do not waste my time . Know where he is or not?
- Sure . Follow me .
  They went into a luxury building , almost like a dream compared to the rest of the place . The stiletto heel boots of orange hair girl pounded against the glass floor , making an annoying noise . For a moment , Akira wanted to throw it out the window , but could not do it . They went up the elevator to the eighth floor and entered a large, organized room where another girl with pink tinted hair and a tattoo of a snake along the neck was sitting behind a desk rummaging through some papers .
- Who's that there? Ah , no need to answer . Poison will not like it.
  She picked up the phone and dialed the number for Poison .
- Yes , I understand ... - She sighed every pause, staring coldly at Akira - I know you do not ... Sure, I can ... Okay . - Turning to Akira again - He let you go . Could take her there , Marlene ?
- With pleasure, Lynna .
  The police continued to follow the orange -haired girl by the end of a corridor covered by a carpet of red velvet and several statues and paintings , which was a big door cream color.

  Upon entering , Akira saw a different picture than she expected and it left her puzzled .
- You can quit , Marlene .
- Yes , sir .
  The boy turned his chair to face Akira and motioned for her to sit . By the look of it poisonous , police realized he could not get answers if unkind . She sat in one of the leather chairs, and her movements observed by him who called Poison .
  He did not seem older than Blade . He had brown hair a little messy and he had heterochromia , while one eye was a lovely green, the other was the color of honey and proved to be sharp for any suspicious movement .
- What should a visit of the Japanese upper class officer? To my knowledge , I did nothing wrong .
- I have nothing against you, just want some information .
 Poison raised an eyebrow slightly, nodding for her to continue .
- Do you know a killer who works with blades ?
- You're talking about Blade ? Sure I know him , he does some work for me often .
- Really? Interesting ... And could you tell me if Erin Takamura was killed at your request ?
  Poison opened an even more poisonous than your smile look. No wonder he was known as such . Anyone who stayed close to him was infected by the false hospitality and kindness .
- Yes. Are there any weather Takamura owe me something from the past and I hired Blade to recover what belonged to me .
- So you know where Blade is right now ?
- My dear Shiragawa ... I know everything , every detail of all the brightest minds in the criminal world ... I think I 've seen your face somewhere ... - He stared at Akira and soon managed to complete - You're that girl from the photo, is not it?
- What picture ?
- It's nothing. Well, sorry , but I can not tell you where he is .
  Akira had the nerves to the skin. It was hard to tolerate the excessive sweetness in his voice . She rose from her chair and stared at the files behind Poison , who , realizing her intentions , pulled a gun from inside his jacket pocket and pointed it directly at the head of police .
- Listen , honey , I do not like you, law enforcement , and I'm being as friendly as possible , but you will not get information from him . We may hate us , but there is an alliance between us and , as he can not deliver me I can not deliver him . Understands where I'm going , my dear ?
  She did not answer . He was still staring at the files , lingering in one of the drawers . However , looked again to Poison and the gun was pointed at her. Akira turned and left without saying anything at all .
- Listen, little girl. We can make a deal .
- And why would I do a deal with you ?
  Poison continued , pretending not to hear what she said the most natural way possible and keeping the gun in his jacket again.
- If you pay me a generous amount and swear that you will keep this conversation confidential , I can pass you basic information on where he might be .
  Akira returned to the chair and took the wallet a high amount of money . Poison looked at the notes and sighed , clearly unhappy with what they received , but kept it in its own portfolio and began scribbling on a pad and then deliver a foil for the police .
- I asked my agents to book a room for him at the hotel. If he still stayed there or not that is not my problem. And remember, this conversation never happened .
  She nodded and left , riding the bike to the city where Blade was staying . It was little distant , but every effort was worth it.