Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, December 13, 2013

❋ Sixteen

  I stopped when I was about a meter away from him . Something is not right , GO AWAY FROM HERE ! NOW ! My conscience told me clearly . I'm not one of those to listen to the instincts nor to consciousness , but this time I thought I better get out of there . Oliver was back and I walked on tiptoes to grab my backpack and go. He should be sleeping , because his breathing was deep . He was crossing the side door leading to the garage when the gray eyes of Oliver begin to track my movements in detail , lingering on my injured ankle . I saw him wince , but it was so fast I was not sure of having seen it in fact . I froze where I was and waited for any reaction from him . Nothing . I started to get more nervous and stepped back, reaching a step.
- Now go away , Sery ? Let's talk a bit .
  I grew suspicious and took another step back , determined to run if needed . Discreetly looked back. The garage door was unlocked . Maybe if I act quickly could escape before knowing what Oliver was up . He forced a smile I had never seen before and narrowed his eyes when he realized that my hand was on the door handle . I heard a growl forming in his throat and not thought, slammed the door and locked it with the key that was on the outside , jumped into my bike and got out of there at full speed , just when Oliver pulled the door hinges and followed my departure to look fierce and wrathful .

  He was coming out of Dakota Street when a figure appears in the middle of the street . I knew who he was and swerved , passing on the sidewalk following and to a safe place. Could not go home because I did not want my mother to suffer the consequences and went to the house of a former seraphim who had retired and was in the human world . I turned left onto Baxter Avenue and stopped in front of a home cream color Fellows and saw him sitting on the porch admiring the movement of the street absentmindedly .
- What I owe your visit young Lightwood ? Glad you recovered your necklace .
- Thanks, but I need help .
- What happened ?
- Do you know something about Oliver ?
  He frowned and rubbed his chin , already standing and holding the door for me to enter . I bowed - is a custom among seraphim do on Earth - and went .
- Oliver Willows,  the super happy seraphim ?
  I nodded . Something in the expression ' super happy seraphim ' sounded strange .
- Yes , I know all about it . Oliver was my apprentice .
- He was a person so friendly and was now so strange ...
- So you did not know?
- Huh?
- Of course he does not know , this subject has been forgotten and could not be passed on to newcomers . Sit down, I'll tell you everything I know .
  I sat on a chair in front of him and heard the whole story carefully .
- Well , in fact Oliver was always a good person even after becoming seraphim - Fellows began - But then there was an incident with a young boy named Thomas and Dakota ...
- Thomas Dakota ?
- Yes , you know him?
- I knew him up to forty minutes ago !
- What are you talking about?
- He helped me find the necklace ! He trained me so that I was stronger and made ​​sure I stay safe ... What Oliver has to do with it ?
  Fellows was taken aback for a moment , but soon composed himself then already leaving for the end of the story .
- Everything that happened was because of Thomas Oliver . When the boy was safe to order and welcomed by our Father as an angel , Oliver did not like that and knowing the past of the boy and aware that his memories had been erased , he made a deal with Lucifer .
- What kind of deal?
- There are times Lucifer coveted the soul of Thomas and knowing the grudge Oliver regarding the boy , proposed a deal: if Oliver would help to have the soul of Thomas , Lucifer grant to our friendly seraphim the power to predict the future .
- And he gave it?
- Yes, when Oliver knew you would be born , he soon began to pay attention to you and managed to convince our father to turn her into one of us , just so that you could stay with him . Everything was going as he planned , but Lucifer conned and used Thomas to kidnap her necklace . You two met , and when Oliver saw the Sky first transfer of power you had , was quite angry and went down to the mortal world to destroy you.
  I got up from the chair with a jump and ran , opening my wings and flying as soon as possible to Dakota Street again. From the top , I could see two bodies are attacking , I recognize two shadows everywhere : Oliver and Thomas .
  I dove in the clouds and landed between them . Would not let it linger and not allow D to be hurt , even though he was only a demon could not bear the idea of ​​being Oliver wounding the body of a person who was like a brother to me. I saw an agent of Lucifer in the shadows , comtemplando the fight and felt immediate determination . I already knew what to do and should act as quickly as possible .