Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

7. вα∂ ησтıcєs

  After weeks of despair , the Takamura receive a call from the neighbor family to attend the news that very moment . Reluctant , eventually giving in and soon were reduced to ashes fatally hopes .
- A car that was on fire was discovered a few days ago at the German border . The authorities of Germany and Poland were fired and it was reported that there was a body in the back seat . According to medical examination , it was found that a girl was in the range of eighteen years of Asian origin who was killed with another kind of weapon is still unknown ...
  The family was paralyzed . Was it Erin ?
- ... Well , we just got more news about the case and found an identity in the coat pocket of the young man, who is identified as Erin Takamura and his report was found that she was killed by a professional assassin who is sought for years by the authorities of everyone who is simply known as Blade .
  Erin 's mother sobbed in anguish and the girl's father turned pale . With so many people in the world , why Fitted with Erin ? Then all began to make sense: the outputs during the afternoon , all the happiness and her behavior changed ; during that time , the girl was being deluded by the attention of Blade .

  At that time , the doorbell rang . Were the Japanese authorities . The girl's mother answered the door and received the condolences of the police and a list with the names of some more competent authorities for investigation on site. They thanked and assessed name by name, but offered no certainty of success of research . Had several names , but all useless until they saw a name that caught their attention.