Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

5. αησтнєя ρłαcє

  Connor carried the girl - who has not agreed since I left Japan - until another car, a silver sedan that was being watched by a blonde boy with blue eyes and resembled Connor visual . They greeted each other with a nod and Connor spent some instructions in German quickly , always checking to see if anyone was around to hear. The blonde , whose name was Alan , turned off the car alarm and helped Connor to put the girl in the backseat and then went to the driver's seat , driving without raising suspicion over the border and stopped at a hotel so they could rest, for were hours of road and they were exhausted .
  Erin woke up in the hotel room feeling headaches and getting scared by all that was around and even more when he saw the blonde sitting next to her .
- Hey, she agreed .
  Connor came in and looked tenderly at her , approaching to give solace and comfort .
- Shhh ... It's okay, no need to worry .
- I want to go home , Connor .
- But you're home , honey . I 'm here .
  Erin sobbed in the arms of Connor painfully.
- It's always the same thing! You have to change strategy , Blade ! All they cry and cry !
- What can I do ? I have no better alternative .
  Alan moved away from crying and sat on the balcony of the bedroom window , which was quieter . Erin was still crying , but when his mind processed that little conversation, she lifted her head and turned away sharply from Connor, who looked at her with mock surprise .
- He called you Blade ?
- Yes , my dear , is something wrong ?
  Erin felt cold immediately. As she was not able to realize that this kind and loving person was actually a scam . Connor Greene was not really his name , no one ever knew his real name , so he is known as Blade .
  She ran to the door , which was unlocked , and got out , however , Blade was fast enough to be able to stop her and bring her back to the room . Erin looked at the bedroom door and hope left his body immediately. 483 . The room of death .