Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

❋ Seventeen

  The fist Oliver was standing inches from my face . Djin panted behind me and coughed a lot . I turned to help him and saw him badly wounded . I took care of his wounds and did not care about Oliver 's eyes fixed on me, giving all the resentment he felt. Protect that body was my priority and even being inhabited by a demon , I could not just close our eyes to what was happening , not after Fellows have told me everything . Now I saw Oliver not as an angel , but as a selfish traitor.
- Sety ...
- D ? Coming back?
   I started to see human traits in him again and felt a little more relieved . Before long , the demonic features left his face and I could see Thomas ever. And he offered support , reluctant and proud, not accepted . Oliver stood and stared fiercely. Oliver growled and ran , but not in D but me.
- Why him and not me ? What does he have that I do not ?
- He is honest , something you're not .
   He looked at me with narrowed eyes and held me by the neck , making my head slam against the wall . Being with my necklace back , nothing happened to me , just felt a sharp pain at the site of the blow and could heal the wound that had opened .
- Who told you that ? How did you know ?
  I was silent . Fellows would not deliver in any way , so Oliver would face without fear , In addition , I wanted to stay alive to deliver it to the Order .
- Stay away from her !
  I went back to watch what happened after seeing Oliver with his mouth bleeding . D was holding him by the hair and brown eyes flashing with anger. Surely he knew nothing of it and , if discovered , would be angrier than he already was. A part of me pondering what to tell or not to him while the other half thinking what to do to put my plan into practice .
  I used the collar to communicate with others seraphim , but none of them replied . Now I was alone to try to calm the situation. Approached them , without having the slightest notion of what to do and I saw something shiny in the back of D. His body radiated a golden glow , like the dawn, and which overshadowed both the vision of Oliver as mine , and when the light became weaker , I saw a pair of golden wings , like those who were in his memories . Let D Oliver, who was pale and wide-eyed and surprised eyes and slowly pulled away . I shuddered with the force coming from him , it never felt such power before. Even the leader of the seraphim had such power , nor Daniel , the leader of the Order of the archangels .
  Two family sparkles appeared then a near Oliver and the other in the center of chaos , so that you can pay attention to all of us . The red light went out and saw Suzanna holding Oliver by the arm . Soon after, the emerald color brightness brought Zeo , I looked at the three of us blankly . He nodded and looked to D Suzanna , who nodded and disappeared along with Oliver .
- Serenity and Thomas , I want you to accompany me . The Order awaits for an audience .
  D held my hand and flew towards the heaven I felt chills as I approached my new home because I knew that the Order should not be happy.
- Let's take care of it together, do not worry . - D whispered so Zeo slipped slightly upward.

  The light gold color and I was involved in before the bar of Order . I shook hands with D and he returned the grip. We were in trouble .