Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 15, 2013

☽ IX. нαụɳтєđ

  Hanahme was chained and placed in jail tight , wet , dusty , no food and no water drop . It was cold where she was and her body shook with pain and cold, as Luke took off his jacket and whip punished the girl several blows , they cut and burned your skin , leaving it raw and bleeding . The dress was completely destroyed by tears and smeared makeup . The hair, which was clean and tidy , were now dirty , disheveled and glued face covered in ash and sweat . The day could not get any worse , that she had to be absolutely sure .

     Lucifer was on the throne , completely impatient for the delay of the soldiers and the claws drumming on the armrest of the throne in deep meditative state .
- Lord , have not found it . - Jake came in and announced fearful .
   The Emperor sighed and said nothing , because anything he spoke not bring the girl back and he did not want to spoil his mood , which was already stable.
- It is in the cell room in the west wing of the catacombs .
   Lucifer turned his attention to Luke , who was approaching with his hands behind his back , trying to hide something from the emperor. This , in turn , saw the movement and rose from his throne , turning his head toward the general.
- What are you hiding behind your back?
- Nothing , sir .
   He Tiou mask covering the face to face directly your soldier , signaling to the others to leave. Luke gulped slightly and took a step back , but the pearly eyes of the emperor made ​​him uncomfortable.
- Luke , you should know better than anyone that no one can hide anything from me . What are you hiding ?
   Feeling defeated, he reached out slowly , revealing patches of blood that was not his. Lucifer raised an eyebrow , but then frowned and turned away toward the west wing of the castle, where were the catacombs .
- You will not do anything to me ?
- No. Even if the idea does not please me you got a weapon to hurt her , I admit I did what was right .

   Hanhame was curled up in his cell with his chin resting the forearms . Tears streamed from her eyes , but she did nothing to dry them . Some wounds had stopped bleeding , but the girl still felt pain . The air was heavy and suddenly the cries of souls disappeared in a matter of seconds. A cold wind brushed past her , ruffling the hair of the neck and arms . Authoritarian and almost silent footsteps echoed down the hall and Hanahme could feel that one was approaching her specifically .
    The person walked without stopping , but before he approached her , a soul imprisoned starts shouting nonsense and in a language that the girl did not understand . But that did not last long, as the sound of a whip was heard and a light purple overshadowed the sight of her through the bars of the cell , causing the other souls started screaming , terrified .
- Shut up !
   The voice made everyone shrink in their cells and made Hanhame feel even more afraid .
- Just as well . - That same voice said in a milder tone .
   The steps continued and unchanged when they were stopped in front of her cell . Hanhame remembered that energy and those steps , but his mind was still locked and she could not have access to the most profound and important memories of your life .