Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 15, 2013

☽ X. white door

  The cell was unlocked with a click and the bars slid to the right. Hanahme remained motionless , pretending not realize the excitement around her .
- Come on.
   Hanahme looked at the person that was liberating and felt relieved inside , confused and wary at the same time he looked at the black mask and realized it was Lucifer.
- What do you want ?
- You should be more kind to me , young lady .
   She did not answer .
- Assessing the circumstances of your case , I decided to give you one more chance at freedom .
   With this statement , he captured the attention of Hanahme who stood swaying floor covered in mud and , by a whisker , it fell again.
- I was right, Luke was really cruel , right?
   Hanahme nodded and accepted the arm of Lucifer to support the body weak and wounded , who could barely hold her upright. As they walked down the hall toward the exit , the souls began to manifest again, but cesaram the murmurs when Lucifer turned his head to face them .

    Hanahme collapsed in bed and eventually lose consciousness at once , without even hope that Lucifer was out of there .
   While comatose , she felt something strange and wet on it . The girl opened her eyes and came face to face with Cerberus , who was on her on the bed and the three heads licked her face happily.
- He definitely likes you .
    She looked away and focused on dog Jake , who was sitting in the window looking for her and the dog monstrous. Looking closely , it did not seem so rough and hostile, at least not when he was in normal clothes and not armed from head to foot . He even looked like an ordinary human and beautiful.
- What you looking at ?
- Nothing .
- You caused me problems running that way , you know?
- I'm sorry .
   Jake did not answer , just stood up and went out the window . For the first time , Hanahme noticed that the bedroom door was open . She jumped up and pointed his head out . No soldier , infirm trap visible , nothing to keep her from leaving .
- You're on probation , remember? You can go wherever you want, but inside the castle .
   She was startled when he saw Jake looking at her and stifling a laugh .
- Hey ! Why are you laughing at me ?
- There is nothing ... Now enjoy the freedom before Lucifer change his mind .
   She ran into the room dressed in her favorite clothes before leaving wandering the castle. Where would you go ? What would find behind every door? He dressed quickly and went out , taking the right path .

   Hanahme was nearing the end of the hall , but no door and no room had called his attention until now . She began to think that there's nothing interesting to see the castle and soon began to crave the outside of the castle , although uninviting . However , she still could not get out of there , they would behave if he wanted such confidence .
   And then she walked to the end of the hallway and saw that there was a double door painted white with gold knobs that looked like a cozy place and completely different from the rest of the castle . The girl approached the door and heard nothing . She looked around , closed the eyes and entered .