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Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

☽ XV. ċαт & мσụรє

  After spending hours and hours with nothing to do or think , Hanahme decides to try to go to the library again . Wore a black denim jacket and headed for the living books , but it was still locked and there was no sign that someone was there . She forced the doors , but they yielded . This will not stand , the girl whispered to the door and tried to kick . None. A punch . None.
   Then she had an idea. He took one of the staples of the hair and forced between the opening of the doors , which issued a click and be unlocked . Hanahme looked at all sides and then make sure that was not being observed , entered and pulled the door behind him . She groped the walls looking for the switch . When found , the lights came on and the girl looked at all sides silent and attentive , diagnosing the presence of someone there.
   Sure there was no one , she advanced the shelves book by book and searched but found nothing . The atmosphere of the place was getting tense and heavy and Hanahme feared was found there. She stopped and looked carefully all the racks and shelves , retracing the steps that day . A few minutes passed and she remembered the way he had done. Grabbed the ladder and climbed up to the highest shelf , looking all that was there until his eyes landed on an empty shelf : the book was not there ! Much effort and work to not find what you were looking for.
   Bitter , she descended the stairs and put everything in its proper place, but hear the doors opening , footsteps and flapping wings . Hanahme looked around and hid in the gap between the wall and the bookcase in the room where the ladder is .
- Who's there ? Come out now ! Hiler , fly and find the attacker . - Was the voice of Claire .
   Hiler gransou and flapped , looking every corner of the library with the small black eyes and attentive , nothing lacking . Hanahme felt his heart stuck in the throat and tried to control his breathing to the max, but it was becoming increasingly cumbersome and impossible . She was getting restless and ended up hitting the ladder against a shelf , calling the attention of Claire , who was nearby .
   Hearing the approaching footsteps of his hiding place , she looked around and reached for a book from the shelf , throwing him to the opposite direction , which made the librarian change course , making room for Hanahme got out of there as soon as possible . When he realized the door open and saw nothing in his way , the girl ran as fast as he could , but he felt the claws of Hiler scratching his face , causing him to lose balance and fall flat on his back . The door was five feet away from her and the silhouette of Claire Woodland was near. Hanahme looked around and took an arrow was on the wall just above it and struck the wing of the raven that croaked from her angry .
   Claire Hanahme was near her and could not get out of there in time, unless he could run faster than Hiler when flapping . It would be an impossible task , because it was never very good at racing and Crow certainly would catch again. She did not want to think what would happen if whore , why could not falter. Rose rapidly and prepared the legs to run , but someone comes and forces Hanahme into hiding again behind the table where Claire used to be. Lucifer was that so nearly caught her sneaking out of there.
   Seeing him , Claire shows up and guide the emperor until farther away . Hiler flew and was perched on an armor that was near the door. Hanahme thought of retreat, but prepared again and ran out the door , just as Hiler attacked once more on the forehead and croaked enraged .