Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Friday, November 29, 2013

❋ Two

  The alarm went off as usual. Before , one touch let my eardrums angry , but now am in no hurry to turn it off . I want to remember that when we return to Heaven after all only have it next year, which would still be long . I rolled over in bed from one side to the other and then the alarm sound started to become unbearable. One thing I noticed about it : no matter how long you stay away from home, one thing you will NEVER miss is the alarm clock .
- Serenity , turn off that alarm clock !
  My mother was impatient . Apparently , the noise was lasting longer than it looked. I groped to find the alarm button , but did not want to get rid of sleep. Ventured one peep . Were 6h00. If I were still an ordinary human would have to get ready for school , but I need not worry about it . Even so , I got up lazily and pushed the sheets and blankets to the side , sitting down on the edge of the bed . I let out a yawn and stretched me slowly .
  After taking breakfast, brushed my dentres , showered and put my favorite mortal clothes : a white jeans , a blue shirt and a white jacket cyan . Rummaged through the closet and found my pair of blue sneakers , I wore them and held my blonde hair in a ponytail , smooth, long horse. I straightened my bangs with a comb , but when I looked in the mirror again something did not seem right .
  I looked at my neck and chain guarantee that my powers of immortal seraphim had disappeared . I walked down the stairs two steps , looking for day . I rolled the pillows , blankets and soon my whole house was upside down.
- Serenity , what happened ?
- My current disappeared ! I swear I slept with her ​​last night !
- I'm sorry , but I have not seen my daughter . Are you sure you 're not in your room ?
- I have , I've rolled the whole house ! If I do not find it in the next 72 hours , my powers will disappear !
  I went out into the yard and looked at the sky , trying to send a message to the Order .
- What happened ... ? No need to answer , you lost your necklace , is not it?
- I have not lost ! He disappeared ! I have not pulled the neck !
  Castiel stared at me and shook his head , showing disappointment and disapproval. Does he not believe me ? I swear it was him !
- You have three days to find him antesque too late .
- I know that! But you could not extend my powers by whatever ... A month ?
- No. After three days you will have to fend for themselves , their powers will fall asleep and seraphim wings disappear until you find the necklace , but you will have a limit before losing his memory and his powers permanently disappear and you lose your place in heaven as seraphim
- How long do I have until that happens ?
  Castiel was silent and his eyes were thoughtful for a moment that left me apprehensive .
- You have about two months , not a second more . The time begins to run from now and we can not help at all , sorry.
- But ...
- Are the laws . - He said coldly to me - I suggest taking over deadly routine not to lose your head and to find clues . Good luck
  He left and I went back into the house . I packed my bag and left the house hurriedly . If I were fast, could still get to school with some time before the first class .
- Where are you going ?
- For school ! - Shouted , far away from the front door , running as fast as my legs could stand . Luckily , the seraphim had speed not only in flight , but also in a race that needed legs and feet .
  Even a hurry , looked carefully around the path , waiting for some sign of my chain , but found nothing that would lead me to the right place . I had to find it , because, even though I felt lack of being human , I now had a new job and did not want to get rid of it . I hope Castiel is right and that my deadly routine bring me some clue where my necklace may be .