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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

☽ VI. đαяκ รσụℓ

  - Are you crazy ? Nobody ever told me I would have to baby-sit for his visits ! I refuse to do that !
   Luke clenched his jaw tightly by irritability and Jake looked at his apprentice with crimson eyes flashing .
- Listen , you do not have the authority to choose what you do or not . Unless you want to be demoted and lose the demon wings , I suggest you obey the orders of Lucifer .
   Jake 's eyes narrowed and disappeared in the main hall of Lucifer , towards one of the rooms of the emperor's palace steps hard and angry .

   Hanahme woke up with headaches very strong and his body was weighing a ton , so she could not move a muscle , just ran his eyes over the room that resembled a quarter of the nobility of Idede Ages, but look more morbid and melancholy . Coritnas black velvet blocking the entry of light, windows tranpassava arc-shaped extremely high, but that were locked from the outside . On the wall in front of the girl, stood a wardrobe made ​​of cedar and occupying the entire length of the wall, on the east wall , near the door lock made ​​of silver, was a dressing table and a dresser with some drawers , both also made cedar , near the windows , was a shelf with a few shelves , carrying some books with covers of various colors and addressing several issues .
   She rose slowly from the bed of ivory and walked across the floor of the cold room exploring all that was there with a strange sense of deja - vu , but something stopped her in her subconscious to remember everything clearly .
- Finally you woke up .
   Hanahme jumped and sought refuge next to the window , in hopes of breaking glass to escape the strange case decided advance . He appeared hands up and walked slowly to be visible .
- Hey , do not go against you , have clear orders about it .
- Who are you ? Where am I ? Why am I here ? Who brought me ? For those butterflies turned into bats ? How do I go from here?
- Enough! You think I'm what? An encyclopedia ? Keep your questions to someone who knows what answer you , as much information I can provide are the first two : My name is Jake Strife and you are in the fields of Lucifer .
- The Hell ? How ? Some accident happened and I died ? But I did not do anything wrong to be sentenced ...
   Jake covered her ears with her hands not to listen to the meaningless chatter of Hanahme and wished the deepest soul that someone would come to save him from the torment when there is a knock at the door . The devil runs to open and sees his replacement . With a sigh , Jake came out with urgency and let the other suffering from casacata questions girl , who, seeing the new guard , shot the same questions with despair and confusion .
- I'm Luke . Luke Walker , and as my apprentice must be informed , we are in Hell , more precisely in one of the rooms of the castle of Emperor Lucifer. No, you're not dead , about those butterflies , they never existed . My power did you see the bats and butterflies , but something in you has saved my power ... Do not give me that look , I'm just following orders , I have more to worry about that instead of getting behind mortals like you.
- How do you talk that way ? You are also human and certainly it was a cruel person in life!
   Luke smiled sarcarsmo to Hanahme who cringed in the corner of the wall and shuddered . The demon freed wings and left them open to the mortal saw very well. She rubbed her eyes , but she was not going crazy . He really had wings .
- You are ... an angel ?
   General demon laughed , which made human recede further and want to disappear.
- No, girl. I am a demon general first class ... Are you surprised ? Soon you will adapt and become one of us .
   Hanahme put her hands on her face not to hear what Luke was saying and hid her face , for he would not see the tears that streamed down her face . What she did in life to be sentenced to a place like that ? She did not know . However , the worst was yet to come ...