Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

☽ XIII. ℓσรт єɳđ

 - What do you think you're doing? Where else encountered this book ?
    Hanahme was startled by Claire , who withdrew the book from the front of the girl before she could finish the story .
- Why can not I see the end ? What 's wrong ?
- This book should be seen only by me and Emperor Lucifer. You could not even have touched it without order. With so many other books here , because this fair ?
    Hanahme eyes widened in amazement at the librarian's voice and she did not answer , just hung his head , for he knew not explain why she had chosen that book . Maybe it was the title , maybe it was the cover design , in short , had a thousand factors , but none really explained what she felt to take the book off the shelf . Claire looked at her and realized that he would answer to the question he had done.
- Listen, I do not mean to offend you , but I have an obligation to ensure compliance with the orders of the Emperor . I'm sorry .
- Claire , what happened to the girl in the book ? Who was the man in brown overcoat for real?
    Claire looked down and composed himself seconds later , putting a mask of neutrality in the face invisible to highlight the truth of his words.
- The end of this story is not something you can learn suddenly and can not come to the knowledge of anyone . Only the Emperor can reveal the ultimate in rich detail and allow you to read the whole plot .
- But ...
- For our sake , it is best to pretend that nothing happened , okay?
    Hanahme nodded , but several possibilities at the end of that story dominated her mind and she would not stop until I found out later that plot. Since Lucifer could not know that she saw the book and no servant knew the history of the castle , the solution would be to tell Claire converncer or let it resume playback . If that did not work , she would have to get the book from the library without noticing . A risky , but somehow could be worth .
    It was already early evening and Milly , the maid , was calling her for dinner . She ran her hands through her hair and clothes lined up , then follow the established until the large dining room , where Lucifer was waiting along with Luke and the General apprentice Jake , who looked at the food being placed on the table like dogs hungry and realized the little girl's presence at the table .
- Glad you came to join us, Hanahme . There are times we do not have a female presence at the table , not boys?
- Whatever ... - Luke began .
- ... Dinner is more important. - Jake finished , swallowing saliva .
   So we were allowed to dine , demons generals attacked the food with ferocity . Lucifer cut the meat with a calm almost as annoying Hanahme looked at the dish , fearing that there might be some kind of poison in food .
- You can eat , there is nothing wrong .
    She hesitated .
- Trust me , if there was something in the food these two feel the smell immediately and would not touch a grain of anything that is on the table .
    Hanahme looked at the two soldiers , who were preparing the dishes for a second round of food and decided to trust Lucifer. The food tasted better than the human world , it was undeniable and justified the appetite of two boys .

    She took a long shower and dressed up pajamas. Until the day was not so bad , but she was still determined to find out how the story of Lilith would end. Hanahme collapsed on the mattress and fell asleep immediately.

The nightmare is becoming reality.
Shadows infect your soul , then what is human perish .
The truth is closer than you think .