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Behind the Fairytales
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Monday, November 11, 2013

☽ VII. bяσκєɳ нụмαɳ

  Hanahme was still confused and sat on the bed staring at nothing , trying to put ideas into order again . She would never return to the human world , would not feel the sunshine warming her nor snow falling gently on the ground , would not see friends and be motivated by pain and despair of her parents . If nothing else , it would still have to live in hell with demons sadistic , grumpy and mean and be vulnerable and could become one of their kind at any minute,
   Knock and Luke met . It was a created human with a piece of rolled paper , which was addressed to the demon , who smiled when she finished reading and let the maid go . She could not have more than sixteen, I was a kid , hazel eyes opaque and small and his dirty blond hair ash fell from the loose bun . The servant brought in some hand towels dark gray and left them on the chair that was on the dresser while he went to the bathroom to prepare the bath Hanahme .
- Miss , your bath is ready .
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Please Miss Hanahme . - The maid asked , his voice thin and weak , but covered by affliction to feel Luke 's eyes glued to her.
- Enough! That way you will not get anything at all , Milly . - Luke pushed away from the wall and marched toward the human girl - This is an order , girl!
   Luke was blazing with anger and rudely grabbed the girl by the arm , dragging her out of bed .
- It's not you who's boss ! You might even deserve special treatment , but it will not be me who will ensure this, ok ? Be good and I did not do anything wrong.
- Jake said that nobody can do anything against me .
  Luke laughed malignant , typical of a demon , which made the girl feel a huge shiver down your spine .
- But I 'm an exception to the rule . What was passed on to me is to see that the demons of second class lower or do not hurt her , but nothing is stated about my conduct . - He pushed her into the bathroom and closed the door with hostility - I hope it does not take , but I'll have to let the good ways away from here .
   Milly continued making the bed in silence , without even risking a word .
- What about you, girl - Luke continued, but in soft tone , which made the maid stay petrified to be tight and her body immediately - If you want that spoiled obey you , have a little more hostility , if it continues , even the bats or rats will be afraid of you and my job is not to babysit her - he grimaced and went into a meditative state .
- Yes , sir - Milly responded keenly and felt a profound relief within himself for not having been reprimanded for the first time .

   Hanahme leaned against the inside of the door and slipped , falling seated on the floor with his face covered in tears again . With so many bad people in the world, she had to go through this? Surely she did not know the situation of Nadja and therefore thought that what was happening to her was the worst thing in the world.
   Realizing that he would have no choice but to obey what it was imposed , especially when Luke was around, stood up and wiped the tears . If one thing she learned was that never, ever would be safe to risk a wrong word or a voice above normal with him , much less disobey something he says , unless you want to have trouble.
   So Hanahme stepped into the tub where the water was getting cold and the foams were disappearing . She shuddered and had chills so she could face when he came out of that shower and come back to the room . Worse still , she feared for what would happen if she left that room .

    Milly helped her get dressed , but Hanahme felt fully uncomfortable for three reasons : the first was the fact that she can not dress herself , the second was having to get changed in the presence of a man , even when this is meditative state , and the third was to have to wear that dress that looked more like an object than a torture machine. The corset tightened it too much, letting his breathing more difficult , the dress was up to the neck and the shoes were uncomfortable and hurt your feet . The situation worsened when Milly came toward her with rice powder and blood red lipstick .
- I will not leave this room like that!
   Luke woke meditation with less patience than I already was .
- You'll start with that again ?
   Hanahme gulped and thought of an excuse that is convincing.
- It's ... Well .. I thought I should dress like always , because then I can show who I really am ,
   Luke raised an eyebrow and opened the door , impatiently.
- Do not give me that , he knows who you really are . Come on .
   Hanahme sighed and followed by Milly and wide corridor lit with dim lights and down one flight of stairs and wide to get in front of a huge door and was being opened by Luke . After receiving a gust of wind coming from the hall, she resumed her pace, but his legs trembled and hesitated to even take a step further . A shot of adrenaline through her body and she felt in danger core of  herself .