Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

☽ Ðэαr αgσɳџ

Dear Agony

   I did not ask to be. Life has led me to these ways in which I never thought to follow. I've always been different, but I never imagined that this difference could take me to a place of no return . All I ever wanted was to be a normal person with needs , feelings and weaknesses , but things do not always go as planned.
    I learned that we are being evaluated all the time . Every gesture , every word and every thought is in observation and They choose you . I've always heard these stories , but even thought believing that. For me it was that was a pointless babble that only served to scare children who misbehave .

    Throughout my mortal life I was a person empty and lifeless . Not attending parties , had no real friends and never knew what it is, in fact , love. See people passionate longing for each other and made ​​me nauseous . Also , I was never happy or what happiness means . What mattered to me was just as human studies and ambition to be above all . Everything to me was very mechanical and monotonous : I strove , took top marks , the teachers loved me and my enemies tried to bring me down. All this due order every day.
    At home , my parents were always receptive to me too . My mother lives thinking of new culinary dishes to congratulate me for my efforts and my father supported it. However , I never gave the least value for all this . When I reached college locked in room all day and studying , and prepaid point in doing work tasks , but no emotion came over me . Actually , I thought he was born without feelings and without motivation . Just an empty body that roamed the world as a zombie and mechanically like a robot , whose schedules were eternal and could not be changed . I never had success to socialize and I never felt part of anything, I was just a spare part in the world , a black sheep , looking for his place, but did not find in life . Other than that , I even liked being a mortal , a mundane or a human being , whatever the correct name for it . What matters is that my life changed without notice and without even knowing what I would find it. Fate found me and now I've chosen to live in a home where people are similar to me .
     What 's wrong ? I'd really like to know . Sometimes the craziest things just happen and we do not know where or when they will appear. Most people are fortunate enough to be different and have original thoughts , have a life less hypocritical and superficial as most who think that being surrounded by friends , be rich , have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is extremely popular make life better. I'm sorry , but who think so may be wrong . Many can achieve true happiness as well , but others end up suffering without realizing it , because in the end were not really made ​​for it and have not had the good fortune to be themselves , whether by family position , either by the influence of prórpio world itself , which changes every second , every snap.

      Therefore , the key word in all this is simple , but at the same time complex and many people do not believe in it , I might be among those included : DESTINY , it's what makes things happen the way they happen , without even consulting us to know what we think about . That word is what leads us to commit stupid acts that makes us feel remorse and guilt for most of our lives .
      And after all this is the time when such acts are heavy and our soul receives the final judgment , taking us into darkness or light . Only it did not happen to me . I was taken from my mortal life to one of these two sides . At first , everything seemed to me like a second version of what happened on Earth and therefore not got carried away , but, over time , I got used to and now I feel part of this place .

Jake Strife