Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

☽ III. bαđ giяℓ

  With only seventeen , Nadja Dracul was the girl most feared and known not only college where he studied, but also the entire city , which avoided circular where she lived and never went willingly to close it. Even as a girl, she was the nightmares of the boys and gave work to the Romanian police force , who often gave up trying to prevent acts of cruel and cold Nadja with her ​​followers . Not even Drake and his companions are good enough to take this fearless young .
   The girl's parents no longer know what to do with it . The locks of the house , punishments , threats , nothing scared her and she did whatever he wanted and no one had the strength to cross her or stop her . Even the directors and coordinators of the college Coldhill High School gave up the idea of ​​expelling her or punish her for the acts she committed , because no other college town government accepted it and enjoined the family Dracul keep her in a school .

   Jake spent several days walking across Bucharest, but without finding any girl who met the necessary requirements . The demon was getting impatient since lost three days and have not found anything , he began to wonder if it was sent to the right place or if everything was just a teasing of Luke , however , he could not waste time thinking about that. If it was a bad girl and cruel was what he wanted , it was a bad girl cruel and cold it would get .
   He got up early the next day and went to breakfast at a bakery next to the hotel. While enjoyed a cup of hot coffee with a few loaves of cheese , he listens to the conversation of two women not far from him .
- I do not know what else to do - said the woman was gray clothes - She's out of control .
   Jake strained her ears and began to pay more attention to what they were saying.
- It really is a genius difficult. Ever tried to send her to the workhouse ? They say it is effective.
- Not even the owners of the country's most stringent reformatories are willing for a job for her . Watson and I are completely disoriented . Nadja is a hopeless case now that the whole city is afraid of her.
   The devil finished his coffee and left the bakery with the thoughts a mile a minute , wondering where he could find such a nightmare female. Before giving it back to the girl who was in the box , he risks a question .
- Where can I find that girl Nadja ?
   The girl gulped and tried to avoid answering , but Jake was insistent and would not give up until you hear what he needed.
- Well .. What I know is that she studies in school three miles away. It's a redheaded girl who always wears sunglasses and black clothes .
- What time ends the class schedule ?
   She glanced at the wall clock .
- From here one hour.
   Jake came out with lightning speed and drove to school. It was still early , so he decided to wait in the car .

   Nadja was in the principal's office having another conversation about manners and how to control anger . She was with her ​​feet resting on the man's table , admiring her high boots made ​​of black leather and stiletto heel .
- Please , Nadja , pay only one minute of attention to what I 'm talking about.
- Do not you get tired of the same litany ? ' You have to be kinder ', ' be the center of attention for the wrong reasons is not good ' , or ' think of your parents , they are worried about you . ' . I have better things to do .
   She got up and left the room , leaving the director talking to myself again . Nadja walked the halls with air completely superior and triumphant . The bell rang, announcing the end of classes . The followers of the rebel girl was waiting for her in the yard , watching the movement of students that came hastily to avoid being victims of the wickedness of Nadja .
    The girl was the last to leave, but did not go unnoticed . All that passed in the street looked at her with fear and horror.
   Jake noticed the tension of mortals and looked around to see a girl wearing sunglasses , short red hair , black leather boots , such as trousers and an overcoat of the same material that was being followed by four girls dressed in gray. He started the car and opened the windows .
   Nadja looked at the Black City passing slowly down the street and saw that the driver was a man with black hair that went to her shoulders , brown eyes and wore black clothes and closed , such as a bad boy would . But he was not really one of those kids who were cowardly and ridiculous walked in groups , that kid was different and that has sparked her attention .
- Beautiful car , you are new in this area , right?
- I admit that yes . And I owe you satisfaction ?
   Nadja has gave a chuckle .
- Not if you know were here to talk to me like that would imply serious problems for you .
   Jake raised an eyebrow and looked defiantly at the redhead .
- Really? And what kind of problems would be ?
- You see this knife ? I might as well shred these new tires right now - she looked closely at the car and then the driver , lowering the glasses - It really would be a shame .
- Go ahead , girl rebel .
   She put the knife in the inside pocket of his coat and gave the signal for the girls to follow . Jake went with the car next to her one last time and followed her for awhile and she threw a paper with his phone number .
- If you want a ride , I'll be available, redhead girl .
   Nadja grabbed the paper and gave a quick glance, keeping with the knife . The followers looked with cuímes , but soon realized remade when the silver eyes of leading weighing on them . After a long time of silence , one of the followers , who had platinum hair and artificially smoothed with black makeup on his face , had the courage to ask what was going on in the heads of others.
- Did you go to call that guy ?
- Why are you asking ? Are you jealous , Gabbe ?
   Gabrielle was silent while the other offered silent support , Nadja did not realize that and not be angry . However, another of the followers of curly black hair that went down to her waist , eyes the color of caramel and dark skin was not silent .
- Why do you do this, Nadja ? We are the ones who live with you despite his fame.
   Nadja shrugged , not looking for the brunette girl .
- If you're uncomfortable , Molly , I suggest you get out of the group. I do not need you to do what I do .