Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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 Luke 's screams were forgotten by Hanahme who marveled at the hidden room . It was all made ​​of concrete , with a statue of a woman wearing a cloak over a great source , who kept a dark red liquid , as one who had the bottle ; several smaller sources were around the largest , however , had no nothing inside. She approached the fountain and saw his reflection turn into something different .
  Hanahme saw adoptive parents with Earth killed and melancholy in his former home expressions . They looked at a picture that was on the wall , which depicted the three were together when traveling on holiday to Norway during the winter. The girl felt her eyes sting with tears and soon became a new image before her, but showing a part of the story of Lilith .
  Lilith , when she became a demon , had his human blood removed from the body and placed there so that new blood was placed and she had eternal life , as Lucifer. At the base of the statue , something was written in Greek . ' Εδώ αποθηκεύεται το αίμα της Λίλιθ , των η οποίων ανθρώπινη ουσία χάθηκε . Όποιος αυτό το παιχνίδι αίματος , επιστροφή παρελθόν στο σας . '
  Hanahme looked at what was written , without understanding a word. However , something happens and the letters desembaralham in front of her , revealing the message " Here is kept the blood of Lilith , whose human essence was lost . Whoever this blood play , return to your past . '
- Looks like you found the sanctuary of his mother .
  She was startled to hear the voice of Lucifer behind her, but did not dare to face him .
- This place should be confidential .
- You can not hide it from me ! If this is the sanctuary of my mother, I have a right to know the existence of this place.
  Lucifer looked wistful glance at the statue and sighed . Hanahme looked at him and saw that for the first time , he was unmasked . She saw into the eyes of the emperor all the pain and sorrow that he was obliged to keep within themselves and turned his heart into a stone. Surely he missed Lilith and have a united family again .
- I'm sorry .
  He looked back at her and raised an eyebrow .
- No need to comfort me , I 'm already used to it , do not worry . But what are you doing here ?
- I wanted to be human .
  Emperor of Hell looked sadly at her and acaricou her hair like a real father would. As much as he wanted to be the girl next to him in the castle as a demon , he could not blame her for wanting to be human after all Hanahme spent much time on earth and never knew he was adopted .
- Are you sure you want to ?
  She looked at him and felt his certainty be reduced to ashes quickly because something inside her wanted her to remain in Hell , where was her true home . Tears burned her eyes and she looked back at the source , in search of a solution to an internal battle that had just begun . Hanahme touched the blood of Lilith by accident and disappeared from the sanctuary.

   Hanahme landed in the middle of a partially dark room , which was lit by a few weak rays of sunshine . Her vision has adapted quickly to the darkness and saw familiar objects . His bed was the same way since he was gone , the books open on the table , it was dusty , his cell phone on the bedside table, where forgotten in the rush to get ready for school . Everything was as she had left . She felt a wave of happiness and guilt while inside her , causing the girl to sit on the edge of the bed and think about what was right , when he hears footsteps in the hallway .
- Hanahme ? Are you the same ?
- Mother !
  She ran to hug his mother , and for the first time , allowed himself to cry, a mixture of relief and guilty conscience . The adoptive father of her, to hear the exclamations , goes upstairs and sees the girl there, in the flesh and joins the embrace of mother and daughter .
- How did you get back there, my dear ? He will not return to pick you up ?
- I do not know , I came by accident .
- I hope you can forgive us for not telling you this before .
- It's okay ... Father
  That hug, she can realize what is really right . Even having grown up on Earth and have human mother were not convincing facts for her to stay there. Those people that she was holding were not true and that her family home was not his true home . For more than a couple of mundane have taken care of her with love and dedication , they knew that this day, so come Hanahme do anything that would change this fate. She pulled back and looked at the adoptive family one last time .

  Lucifer approached the fountain and looked at the statue of Lilith with regret in the consciousness . If he had not abandoned Nahemah in the human world , nothing would have happened and she would always be in sync with the Hell , where was her true home .
- Would if I had not met you everything would be different ?
- No. I 'm proud to be your daughter.
  The emperor looked to the side, where Hanahme stood looking at him .
- I thought you were with humans , came to see me off ?
- I'm not leaving , after all that I found out , I know my place is not with mortals, but with you , taking care of Hell , which is good or bad my place .
  Lucifer opened his arms and smiled at her daughter smiled as much time there . To feel the warmth of the embrace of the biological father , Hanahme felt a profound relief and happiness to be in place .

  Jake and Luke had already stopped fighting because they had already received a good scolding for leaving Lucifer Hanahme enter without permission. The demons were separated on opposite walls , each meditating on something profound when they hear the metal doors opening and footsteps passing through them .
  Seeing Hanahme back , Jake smiled at her and a nod , showing contentment for her decision , but with the thought that hell was not for her . The demons followed father and daughter down the hall, where the human becomes Hanahme forever in Nahemah demon .