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Behind the Fairytales
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

☽ XII. тнє нiรтσяџ σƒ ℓiℓiтн

  ' It was not long after the creation of the human race , but the belief in the kingdom of Heaven and Hell in the provinces had infuenciava strength and people's attitudes in every thought or even every breath interval . Moreover , the angels and the demons had contact with the mortal mind infulenciando them to make a decision in a moment of doubt . Sometimes , one tried to fix what the enemy had done, doing what was evil look good and what was good to be bad . This was a common cycle and balanced between the power of Theos and Lucifer, both brothers who shared the fear , faith and respect for the human who had strength.
    Sometimes , the two rulers passed by Earth , in order to see firsthand what humans were doing . They wanted to know what they thought, what they knew , what and how much they feared had evolved since when they were created . They took human form and walked into the mortal world with ease . Not everyone had the gift to see them through the mortal body , only priests and a mortal named Ravenna Edwards , who was the sister of both and lived as an ordinary human .

     It was a night that a girl was born weak and feeble . She belonged to a lower middle class family that was very religious who was named Lilith . Despite being frail and unable to leave the house much , the girl was extremely friendly and personable . In the days when I was better , I was at the window watching the movement of people and happily chatted with neighbors and children who had her age , who always tried to include it in play , even with her indoors.
     The children all grew together and were like brothers , however , one of them had a secret love for one of her colleagues , who flourished as platonic love for a long time . However , something bigger would stifle that love.

     Lilith completed her seventeenth birthday and the neighbors made ​​a joyous celebration as they did every year . but this time something would not go as planned .
    Her birthday was on a Friday and thirteen moon was full and bright in the sky and the stars shone more brightly and illuminated the face of the birthday girl as a beacon indicates the shoreline for boaters . For all , there was nothing special , but for Lilith was the moment she completely changed the direction of his life.
    At the height of the celebration , a man with blond hair neatly trimmed , hazel eyes and a body covered by a dark brown overcoat passed on the same sidewalk where the celebration took place and was lingeringly gentle and looking for the girl, who felt paralyzed emotion and dominated by the charm of the man. Something began to take care of her and drove to leave the party and then the man , but a strong hand and gentle stop her from walking out the door .
- Where are you going , young lady ?
- Father ? I. .. Just wanted to get some fresh air .
- You know you can not leave home and know you are lying , girl . Why would you want to leave ?
    Lilith 's father looked out the window and saw a faint shadow of the man 's brown overcoat , which looked back to feel the eyes of Mr. Benjamin about him and greeted him with a curt nod before turning the corner and out of sight . The girl's father looked at her and muttered before walking away from her :
- He's too old for you.
    Lilith sighed , trying to vent some of his frustration and returned to the celebration , but without taking that boy 's head . She wanted to go to him and never leave him, but the real reason why she did not know and did not want to understand.

    Over time, the girl became inattentive and only sighed at the window day and night. Rarely ate or drank , and if it was not because breathing was an involuntary act , she would forget to do it . The reason that no one but herself knew , but it was because of that handsome and mysterious man , who happened to walk down the street every night where the girl lived and began to talk to her for a few minutes , leaving Lilith completely deluded and entranced by his company . Once the girl's parents heard the laughter of her and rushed to see what was happening , but she said a good lie and managed to hide another meeting prohibited.
    The situation began to worsen and Thorn did not know what to do to bring the girl back to normal and decided to turn to the priest of the nearest church , since no doctor could prescribe you medication .
- And you believe it to be because of this guy ?
- It is possible , for it was well after the apparitions of him .
    The priest scratched his chin thoughtfully .
- And you could describe me as is this man ?
- Well .. it uses a particularly dark brown , has blonde hair and brown eyes and neat ; was also pale as paper.
    The priest set his jaw and went looking for the nearest calendar . When clarified his thoughts turned toward the Thorn , and said condolences to the voice:
- I'm sorry , but your daughter is in love with ... '