Behind the Fairytales

Behind the Fairytales
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

☽ XVII. ℓiєร αɳđ нσρє

  Hanahme ran wildly to get away from all the excitement of Hell . When he realized he was far from the castle, was slowing to a stop in a deserted place , where there were some rocks on the banks of the River Lethe . She sat on one of the stones and hid his face in his hands , but there were no tears shed for her , therefore , decided to stay over there , thinking about everything that lived and what he knew , seeing that it was all just a big lie . All she loved lied . Friends lied . Everyone lied about its origin . Not so surprising was the fact she did not adptar there for more than pleased. At least there she could feel part of something .
  When the tears finally decided to return , Hanahme feels a hand on his shoulder and hears footsteps on the stones , realizing someone was sitting next to her . She lifts her head slowly , tears exugando and sees Jake, who was looking at her with grace .
- I'm sorry for you . - He said - If I knew it would not have been so hostile to you , I only know part of the story between him and Lilith , but did not know you were their daughter .
- Thank you for your compliance, but no one could do anything, even if you knew , what could you do ? Lucifer would prevent anyone tell me that.
- I know, but I could have been more tolerant ... Well , as the daughter of the supreme demon?
- Nothing exciting , I would be just an ordinary human girl than be it.
- You can not go back . Remember what happened to Lilith ?
- Why are you telling me this?
  Jake points to the river with her ​​chin and tilts his reflection . There was nothing different atonitamente and she looked at the boy , who nodded and looked at her back . Hanahme looked again at your picture and saw a pair of black wings on his back , which were magnificent as Lucifer and sported some shade of red . It was late . As with Lilith , the girl also absorbed the energy of Hell and his soul merged into eternal darkness. She turned away with a sigh and looked at the sky crimson .
- If I could I'd do anything to make Lucifer and she had not met . Never .
- You would not exist if it were so .
  She looked at Jake , who still watched carefully and looked for the river course .
- No one would care about it .
- I mind .
- What?
- Not so ... Is that ... Well ..
   Jake blushed and scratched his neck , trying to think of a way out of what he had just said .
- No need to justify . After all , is not part of the demons make a person feel better .
  He cleared his throat and changed the subject .
- I think Claire could help you to come back as a human .
- What makes you so sure?
- She helped me once , but I did not return to Earth .
- Why do not you come back?
  Jake shrugged and averted her gaze to the horizon , where the castle was Lucifer .
- They said I had talent as a demon and also I felt part of it at first, so I gave up back . Never really fit in the human world and realized that I truly belong here . - He looked back at the girl - but its not . Were you happy with the life he had and his mundane family loved you after all and know what you really are . Hell is not your true home , I can see it in you .
  Hanahme looked at her with hope and ventured to ask , after ensuring that no one was listening to the conversation .
- Could you help me .
- Yes , but we have to see Claire first.
  They got up and returned to the castle , but without drawing the attention of the soldiers nor Lucifer . Roamed the hallways quickly as cats get up in the library , where Claire was waiting for them . The librarian locked the door after they entered and the curtains were closed . She was a kind of globe in hand and looked Hanahme , who nodded .
- Be careful not to change anything. - Turning to Hanahme - Even if you try to separate Lucifer and his mother , I am sending you to discover how to be human , nothing more . If they do something impactful , you will be trapped in the eternal void. Well , are you ready?
  The two nodded and promptly left the golden light of the globe engage them , throwing them into a completely different place.
- And one more thing : you should not identify . When they get there , they must change their identities and adapt with the times not to draw attention .
  It was the last thing they heard before they disappear from the library .